This Is My Story

These are not the stories of the weak, they are of the strong.
What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger. So keep on going.


1. Mila Anderson


 I am Mila Anderson, and this is my story.

 It all started when I was in 6th grade. I was young and insecure, and my classmates took advantage of it. 

 I never wore the right clothes. To them, I was weird and I was dorky. I wore glasses, jeans, and t-shirts. Everyone else had the 'in' clothes and I was just a poor loser who didn't even bother.
 I felt hated.

 I was never pretty enough. To the girls, I was just the geek who wore glasses and needed a new hairstyle and a life. To the guys, I was the ugliest bitch in the school. I was too tan, I was too short, too fat, too insecure. I didn't have any friends. I only had me. 
 Alone is what I have. Alone protects me. 

 I was too smart. Too everyone, I was too smart. To them, school was a place of putting people in cubbies. The jocks, the geeks, the hipsters, the cheerleaders, the populars, and the invisibles. I never fit into a group. I was just there for everyone to pick on. I got A's on all my papers and classes, I was smart. I was the favorite student. 
 That was not okay with everyone else.

 I went into 8th grade, it got worse. I started getting called names. The virgin, the whore, the idiot, the geek, the bitch, the fat one, the teacher's pet, the little fucker, Harry Potter's ugly as fuck sister, and among other things I really don't want to say. 

 I got tired of it. 

 I ignored them, tuned them out, and acted like nothing could kick me down. It worked....sorta.

 The bullying let up, but some people still did it. 

 I began making friends, people who loved the same things as me. They were fun, and they made me happy. I was happy. I had friends who helped me get through every bully who called me a name or yelled at me. 

 After that, I wasn't bullied as much. I helped other people when they were bullied.

 I felt that my friends made me stronger and happier, and I made them stronger and happier. 

 Because, after all, I'm still here because they found me. 

 My friends, Alli, Simone, Tyler, Regan, Jasmine, and Greg helped me. 

 I'm not anyone's ragdoll anymore. I'm me.

 I'm Mila Grace Anderson, and this has been my story. 






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