I loved you first

Dani hates niall with every ounce of her being. why? dani went throught alot while niall was gone he was the one person she trusted and he left her. but when her mom and dani go to visit niall and his family will old feeling return or will things be bad between dani and niall forever?


3. Seeing him

I woke up to my mom banging on the door i got up and opened it, i was in a serious hang over not that she noticed. "get dressed and be ready in 45 minets" with that she left i went to my closet and picked out my faded denim short shorts and a crop top. i brushed my pink hair and put it in a braid and through on my cloths and black toms, i put on a little bit of make-up i tried to cover up the scar on my face. i thought about that night about how mad he looked how he could have killed my mom if i hadnt had stepped in front of him. i brushed the thought away and picked up my bags. i walked out the door and locked it my mom decided she was driving so i hopped into the passenger seat. "i bet your excited" "super" "dani i know youve been through a lot but please just be nice to niall please for me". i loved my mom so i was going to do it, we made our way to the airport just in time we grabbed our bags and borded the plane. i sat next to the window and put in my head phones i fell asleep right after take off.

"MOM!!! MOMMY WHERE ARE YOU!!" i couldnt find her i turned around with him cornering my mom right as he was about to get her i jumed in front of her and felt something cold and hard go across my face.

i woke up with sweat dripping down my head i looked out the window only a dream, my mom was asleep beside me. i cant take these nightmares anymore. we only had 30 minets till we left so i just went on twitter.200 followers. i logged off after looking at stuipd ass shit and then the intorcom came on and said we were about to land. i woke up my mom when we landed and we got our bags. we had a rentel car waiting for us and put out stuff in. we drove past empty fields and sheep. thats all i saw coming here as a child i smiled when i remember when i first meet niall.


i was walking alone in a field i was probley 10 i sat in grass and cried i had just had a fight with my best friend clair. "what wrong" it was that blue eyed kid for school niall i think was his name. i just looked at the ground and wiped my tears away niall sat next to me and patted my back. "im niall" "im dani" we sat and talked for ages about random things i had to go back home and he walked with me. we made it to the front door and niall gave me a peck on the cheek i smiled and waved goodbye.

"were here" i heard my moms voice say she must have been excited to see maura. to tell the truth i had kind forgiven niall but he still owed me an apologie i was excited to see him after the flashback. i hopped out of the car and saw niall in the front yard he was smiling he as so cute when he smiled. i ran to him and jumed in his arms by then my hatred had dissepered and i was in nialls arms. i started to cry "hey its ok princess" that was what he called me. i missed him i truely did one minet i hated him then the next i loved him he out me down and helped me with my bags i hugged maura and walked to the room i was sharing with niall ther were to beds good. i put my stuff down and looked around "dani you want to go for a walk" i nodded and we set off out the door.

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