I loved you first

Dani hates niall with every ounce of her being. why? dani went throught alot while niall was gone he was the one person she trusted and he left her. but when her mom and dani go to visit niall and his family will old feeling return or will things be bad between dani and niall forever?


2. never again

"dani here its your turn" my friend alex passed me the bottle of vodka i took a sip and put it in my bag, my mom knew i drank she never said anything about it though. "come on i want some" my boyfriend devon said, "sorry babe i have to get home im leaving tomorrow" i leaned down and kissed him i said bye to everyone and left. i walked up the streets of london half drunk stumbling i wanted to stop be the pub and grab a beer but i had to get home. i regreted tomorrow i was going back to ireland to see my old friend ,note sarcasum, niall horan. i hated him he left for the x-factor without a goodbye and he never even called after he got 3rd place with a boy band called one direction. i loved niall before he left i was going to ask him if he wanted to go out the day he left and i never wanted to see him agian. "im home" my mom was in bed so i took a quick shower and put on my shorts and a top. i got into my bed and got on twitter. nothing. i rolled over and thought about how tomorrow was going to go. i didnt want to see niall he broke my heart and left me i teared up at the thought but blinked it back. i was not going to fall in love with him agian.never agian.

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