He's Amazing

Man amazing romance between a country girl and a pop star


1. We Meet

       I was working second shift at the supermarket and business was very very slow, I was restocking shelves. When someone tapped my shoulder I turned to see a tall handsome blonde man with beautiful ocean blue eyes. " Excuse me miss, I'm new here and I need help finding the medicine shelf. Could you help me?" He said. I stood there memorized by how handsome he was. " Umm..... Miss". He said. I snapped back to reality and directed him towards the medicine. But before he left he gave me he asked me out I was shocked to think that someone so handsome could like me I agreed and I gave him my number. My shift ended and went home and got some rest I woke up the next morning so happy I had the day off. I got up and went to the bathroom and britches my teeth and my hair then got dressed. As I headed down stairs to get something to eat my phone rang it was that handsome man. His name was Niall. I answered it "hello" I said " Oh hi Sara it's me Niall we met at the store last night I was wondering if we could go on the date tonight?" He asked. " Sure I would love to. What time and where do you want me to meet you?" I asked. " Great..... Umm... About 6 at Nando's". He said. " Okay see you then Bye". I said softly. "Bye see you later". He said excitedly. I looked at my clock and it was 3:00P.M!!!!!!! OMG I can't be leave I slept so late but a least I have enough time to get ready. I jumped in the shower and ran in to my closet and to figure out what to wear. Then I saw it the prefect dress. It was a short navy blue strapless dress I pared it with white cowgirl boots. I curled my hair and put on my outfit and checked the clock. I had fifteen minutes I grabbed my purse and headed out the door it's a good thing Nando's was only ten minutes away from my house so I could walk. 

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