He's Amazing

Man amazing romance between a country girl and a pop star


2. The Date

     I arrive at Nando's to find Niall waiting on the bench for me, I walk up and pat him on the shoulder. He stands look towards me and his jaw dropped " Y You look amazing"he stuttered. " Thank you. You look pretty good yourself". I said blushing. He opened the door and escorted me inside. We sat at our table and he just stared at me " Do you like it here in town" I asked. " Yeah it's lovely but I miss home". Said in his strong Irish voice. " You like this restaurant " he asked. " Oh yes it's my favorite" I said happily. " It's my favorite to" said softly. " Hi my name is Donny I'll be you server for the evening could I start you off with some drinks" he said. " Yes I'll have a coke please" I said. " Umm.. I'll have the red wine" Niall stated. " Okay here are your menus and I will have you drinks out in a moment" our waiter said. " You don't drink ". Niall asked. " No I'm under aged I only have two more weeks to go and I can" said softly. "Oh what day I your birthday" he asked curiously. "The twenty-ninth" I said happily.  " Cool........ You know you look absolutely beautiful tonight". He said. I looked down so couldn't see me blush but couldn't help but smile. "Thank you" I replied. Our waiter returned to our table with our drinks and took our order "I'll have the prie-prie chicken". I said " Make that two sir" said Niall.  Our waiter left and Niall and I talked forever until the food came and when we finished I got out my wallet "What are you doing"? Niall asked. " I'm helping pay the bill". I said confused. "No it's on me" Niall said sweetly. " Are you sure I don't want you wasting your money one me" I said. " I'm not wasting my money and its no problem anyway". He said happily. " do you want to go anywhere else". I ask. " Umm..... We could go back to my place and watch some movies if you like". He said hopefully. " Sure it sounds like fun". I say excitedly. He smiles when I agree and we head out to his car. 

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