Is the key to happiness falling in love? To fall in love with someone that means the world to you, cares about you, and protects you. What if it was... unexpected...?


6. Trying


~ Monday ~

          I went to my first period class, Algebra. I could feel Harry looking at me, but I didn't look back at him. I was still amused of the kiss between Harry and I.

          When the period ended, I looked over at Harry for a quick second. I caught him looking back at me. He tried to stop me, "Lina, I'm sorry about yesterday. I should've never kissed you."

          I pushed him with my shoulder and left the room, "Whatever."

          Luckily, I didn't have my second period class with him, drama. I liked the drama teacher. He was fun and always energetic. He called me up a few times to demonstrate the lesson he was teaching us. We were getting ready for a play we were going to preform to every college student, Romeo and Juliet. Every student had a part and the play would be held on the last day of the semester.

          When the bell rang, the drama teacher, Mr. Jeff called me back in, "Lina, I need to talk to you about the play."

          I looked a little confused, "What about it?"

          He smiled at me, "I want you to be Juliet. I love the way you demonstrate my lessons and you are very beautiful. You would be perfect. What do you say?"

          I smiled back to him and nodded, "Yeah, I would love to play Juliet. Thank you."

          He smiled and let me go to my next class. I still kept my small smile on my lips. I was happy that I will be playing the lead roll in the play. But just as I was heading off to my next class, I bumped into Harry. I looked down at the floor while I stood there in front of him.

          We were both very silent, but I could tell that he was smiling, "So your Juliet?" He questioned me.

          I looked up at him very confused, "How did you know?"

          He smirked, "Well because, I'm Romeo..."

          "How? Why? Ugh! You always have to ruin everything!" I got really angry at him, but there was no way he was going to ruin this for me. I've always wanted this part once Mr. Jeff talked about the play.

          He didn't say anything and left me standing alone. I ignored him and didn't look back at him. I just continued on to get to my next class, history.

          The day went by really slowly. I was in my room now all alone eating a sandwich that I bought from Subway. I was doing my algebra homework that Mr. John assigned us. I was startled by the door when it opened and the sight of Perrie, Zayn, Harry, and three other guys I didn't know. They came last time Perrie had threw a 'party' but I never really met them.

          I completely ignored Harry the whole time he was here. He got up and went into the bathroom for about a minute and then came out. It looked like he was looking for something because he didn't even close the door when he went in. He looked at me and caught my gaze. I immediately looked away from his green eyes and went back to my homework when I heard a familiar voice shout.

          "Why are you being so quite Lina? Is it because of that stupid kiss last night?" It was Harry. Everyone looked at me and stared.

          I got up from were I was sitting and faced him, "No, It's because your just an asshole that doesn't deserve my respect."

          This really caught everyone's attention, including Harry. He looked so amused by my words, "Well, we are still going to kiss again, whether you like it or not, Juliet."

          He smirked as I was surprised by his words, "Oh yeah? Well, who told you I'm going to be Juliet anyways?"

          His smirk faded away instantly, "But Mr. Jeff assigned you as Juliet. Didn't he?"

          I smirked at him, "He did, and I said yes, but after hearing that your Romeo, I resigned. There was no way in hell that I was going to kiss your lips." I turned away as the tips of my hair smacked Harry's face.

          I left him speechless after that, and that was exactly what I was going for. Mission accomplished.

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