Is the key to happiness falling in love? To fall in love with someone that means the world to you, cares about you, and protects you. What if it was... unexpected...?


7. The Come Back


          ~ Harry's Point Of View ~

          I woke up the next morning, tired. I kept thinking about what Lina said to me about not being Juliet anymore for the play. Why would she resign? I thought she wanted to be Juliet, but after I kissed her, everything hanged between us. She doesn't reply to me texts, calls, or Facebook messages. Why did I kiss her? I'm so stupid...

          I shook my head trying to brush all my thoughts out of my head. I got up from my bed and went into the bathroom. I entered the shower, turned on the water, and let the hot water touch my body.

          10 minutes later, I got out of the shower. I was thinking about not going to class today, but I had to go. I opened my closet and grabbed a white T - shirt, my dark blue skinny jeans, and my white converse.

          I entered Algebra and immediately laid my eyes on Lina who was taking out her notebook from her bag. She caught my gaze, but looked away a second later.

          I sat down in my seat which was right next to hers. I thought about talking to her, but I knew she wouldn't respond so I kept quite the whole time.

          After Algebra ended, I ran over to Mr. Jeff's drama class. I asked him if Lina resigned her part for Juliet, but he said no. He said that she is still playing the part of Juliet. I smiled at the response he gave me. As I left the room so I could head to my class, I bumped into Lina, "Sorry about that Lina." I said as I walked out of the classroom. She nodded and went to her seat.

 ~ Lina's Point Of View ~

          "Sorry about that Lina," Harry urgently said as he bumped into me.

          I nodded at him and he walked out of the classroom. What was he doing in Mr. Jeff's class? I thought to myself. I kept that thought in my head the whole class period, but I could never think of a good reason why he came into the Drama class.

          When the class ended, I heard Mr. Jeff calling me, "Lina, may I have a word with you please?"

          I walked over to him, "Yeah Mr. Jeff?"

          "You're friend came up to me before class started and asked about you," He said with a smirk on his lips.

          I put on a small smile on my face and thought of Harry when he came into the classroom, "Uhm, I didn't know he was going to talk to you, and I don't even know what he talked to you about."

          He let out a quite laugh, "He asked me if you were still playing the part of Juliet. Can you explain to me why he would ask me that sort of question?"

          I had a confused look on my face as I replied to his question, "Like I said, I didn't know he was going to talk to you and I really don't know why he would ask you that. But Mr. Jeff, why would you assign the part of Romeo to him when he isn't even in this drama class?"

          He looked down, "Oh right I forgot to tell you about that, he is going to play Romeo because he auditioned for the part last week. Honestly, he was very good."

          "Oh. Well, thank you for telling me, but I don't want to be late for my next class," I headed out the door and turned around, "Oh and Mr. Jeff, if Harry comes and talks to you again about the play, tell him I resigned my part. I want a full report on his face expression." I laughed.

          He chuckled and gave me a thumbs up, "Will do Lina. Thank you for the chat."

          The rest of the day didn't go as bad. It was alright. I couldn't get my mind off of Harry. I couldn't help but think about him all the time. Was I falling for him...?

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