Is the key to happiness falling in love? To fall in love with someone that means the world to you, cares about you, and protects you. What if it was... unexpected...?


16. Step 2

~ Harry's Point Of View ~

          I quietly chuckled at her response. I leaned in slowly and kissed her pink lips. our lips moved in sync. I could tell she liked it. She started to quietly moan while we were kissing. I started to move my lips to her neck. She started to entwine her fingers through my hair as I was kissing her.

          I went further down to her stomach, leaving a trail of kisses. I tried to go further down, but she stopped me, "Harry, stop."

          My eyes met hers, "What's wrong?"

          She smirked, "Don't go any further than my stomach..."

          I laughed a little, "Deal." I continued to kiss her lips. I tried to undo her bra, but she kept hitting my hand. I let out little laughs sometimes, but I kept trying.

          After nudging on her bra, it finally came off and she started to laugh, "Couldn't leave it on, huh?"

          I nodded and smiled at her, "Nope." I took it off her breasts and threw it on the floor.

          I started to kiss her neck, "Harry, what if the others come in?"

          I automatically stopped. She had a point, "Call Perrie and tell her to sleep at my place with Zayn."

           She got up from her position and grabbed her phone. She put the phone up to her ear, "Hey Perrie." She sounded a little tired, "Can you and Harry switch for the night? Haha, okay then. Thanks Perrie." She closed her phone and turned to me, "She said yes."

           I grinned at her, "Good, so we have all night."

           She laughed, "All night until the game is done?"

          I nodded and laughed at her response, "Yup, we are at pause right now."

          "Don't want to keep it at pause, now do we," She replied as she came closer to me and started to kiss me.

~ Lina's Point Of View ~

          I went over to him and kissed him. His tongue swimming in my mouth. I couldn't help, but moan as we kissed. He pulled the covers over us as I tried to pull his pants down. He backed out quickly and took my shorts off. I was left with just my shirt and black laced underwear. He smiled as he looked down, but I pulled his chin back up and continued to kiss him. He pulled my thigh up and started to rub it with his big hand.

          We continued to kiss for a while, and we both started panting. We took a break to catch our breath, "Wow, your good at this game Lina."

          I laughed at what he said, "I could say the same about you."

          He rolled next to me and entwined our fingers together. We stayed in that position for a little bit until I rolled on top of him.

          I looked down and saw his boxers line. I slid my hand down, trying to put my hand in his boxers, but his hand caught mine before I got the chance. "Don't go any further than my stomach," he smiled.

          I knew he was using my words against me, but I just played along, "Deal." I rested my head on his chest and entwined my hand with his. We stayed in that position for a little bit.

          I got off the bed and walked towards the bathroom. I could feel Harry's emerald eyes stripping me. I just laughed. Before I went inside, I grabbed my black bra and my shorts, "Lina, what are you doing?"

          I turned around to face him, "I'm getting my clothes so I can wear them."

          He got up and walked towards me. He took my clothes from my hand, "But the game's not over..."

          He grabbed my hand, threw my clothes back on the floor, and walked me towards my bed. He sat down and let me sit on his lap, "So Harry, when is the game going to be over?"

          He smirked, "When someone wins."

          I looked at him very confused, "How does someone win?"

          "By making the other person moan loudly," he laughed.

          I playfully punched his arm, "So you win?"

          "Basically," he said while sliding his fingers through his curls.

          I got up from his lap, pushed him so that he could be laying on my bed. I got on top of him and slid my hand on his stomach. He didn't stop me as I kept going lower. I finally reached his boxer line and put my hand inside his boxers. His eyes were closer as I squeezed his erection as hard as I could.

          I could tell he wanted to moan, but he kept holding it, "Do it Harry. I know you want to."

          He completely ignored me even though I knew he heard me, "N-Never."

          I laughed at his struggle to talk so I squeezed harder, "Do it, and I'll stop"

          He tried to say something, but before he got the chance to, he moaned loudly. I laughed as I took my hand out of his boxers, "I win."

          I got off of him, grabbed my clothes and went into the bathroom. I could hear him groaning, but I just laughed.

          After 10 minutes, I got out of the bathroom. I noticed that Harry was still on my bed, shirtless. I think he slept. I walked towards him and saw that his eyes were closed. I pulled up the blanket, and he was... fully naked. I tried to wake him up, but he was in a deep sleep.

          I went over to Perrie's bed and pulled up the covers. A voice scared me as I was getting under the covers. "What are you doing?" It was Harry.

          I turned around and looked at him, "Going to sleep."

          He looked confused, "Why not by me?"

          I laughed, "Because, you're naked..."

          He was moving around under the blanket, "Their, I wore my boxers."

          I went over to him and pulled up the covers just to make sure he wasn't lying. He wasn't. I walked to the other side and got under the covers. I cuddled him and entwined our fingers together. It was a good night...         

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