Is the key to happiness falling in love? To fall in love with someone that means the world to you, cares about you, and protects you. What if it was... unexpected...?


4. House Party


          It's been a week here at West Bridge College and honestly, it's been a pretty good week. I'd met new friends and it's been fun. I was on my laptop talking to Anne on Facebook when I heard someone knocking on the door. Perrie was in the shower so I got up and opened the door. To my surprise, I saw Louis standing in front of me, "Hey Lou. What do you want?" I asked him as I closed the door behind him.

          He sat on my bed as I sat beside him. He sighed, "I'm sorry for what I did in class the other day. I didn't mean to be rude to you."

          Wow, I hadn't seen Louis this way before. We were twins, but I was always the one that apologized to him, not the other way around. I hugged him, "It's okay, but can you try to be a little bit more nicer to me? I've always wanted our brother/sister relationship to be good, but honestly, you always are kind of rude to me, especially after Dad died when we were 3 years old."

          He smiled as he looked in my eyes, "I love you Lina. Remember that. Please."

          "I love you to Lou," I replied back to him as we both got up and tightly hugged each other.

          Louis left after we had hugged. It was nice to finally see the nice side of Louis. I smiled as I replayed our hugging scene in my head. I loved Louis, but sometimes he could be a huge pain in the ass.

          Perrie got out of the shower. She went to her closet and grabbed a sparkly pink tank top that had a big red hard in the middle and a pair of denim shorts. With that, she wore her navy blue Toms. As she was putting make up on her face, she looked at me with a smile, "Lina, go get dressed in something sexy."

          I looked up at her with a confused look, "Why...?"

          "Trust me please, it's a surprise," she responded desperately.

          I rolled my eyes at her as I got off from my bed and went to my closest, "Ugh, fine! But remember Perrie, if anything happens to me, I'm blaming you."

          "Well nothing is going to happen so your going to just thank me at the end," she responded while grinning at me.

          I looked through my clothes and grabbed a red, plain long sleeved shirt and added a pair of denim pants. Perrie let me wear her navy blue Vans so my outfit could match. I thanked her as i started to put my make up on. I didn't like putting to much make up on so I put some light make up instead. Eye liner, mascara, and my favorite watermelon lip gloss. I was ready to go to where ever Perrie had planned.

          When we got to a house, I was a little confused but then it hit me, Perrie took me to a party. I wanted to go back to my room, but Perrie kept pulling me inside.

          The music was very loud and the house was full of people that you could hardly walk by. Parrie kept a steady grip on my hand as we tried to walk through the mob of people. We finally went outside where their wasn't as much people as their were inside. The two of us went by the group that Perrie brought to our room the other day. I noticed Harry smirk as he saw me walk towards them. I put my head down trying not to let him see me pink cheeks.

          "Hey," Harry said while moving a bit closer to me.

          Perrie had let go of my hand and went by Zayn. I looked up at his green eyes, "Hey."

          "So how come you never respond to any of my messages on Facebook Lina?"

          "I've been busy with homework," I lied.

          He smirked at me, "Sure you have. Anyways, want a drink? It's punch."

          I nodded at him as he went and got me a drink. He came back as he handed me the cup, "Thanks Harry."

          He smiled at me and started to dance with the music. I couldn't help but laugh at his dance moves. They were terrible, but still cute. They night went by a little quick, but I still had fun. Honestly, Harry made my night.

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