First Class Strangers

Louis and Zayn fanfic! Two best friends meet the most unlikely people on their way to London. Little do they know that this ride will change their lives.


6. Party Time!

Emily's P.O.V

   It was Wednesday morning and I was starting to freak out. My date with Zayn was today. I didn't know where we were going, so, I jumped in the shower, and did my morning ritual. Once I got out of the shower I brushed my teeth, straightened my curly hair, and went to go get dressed. I decided on light skinny jeans, a light blue vest top, with lace on the back, And tan-ish boots with studs on the sides. I put on natural make-up, and grabbed my black purse, it was already 11:00. I went down stairs, because he was going to pick me up at 11:30, I didn't want to be late like Kirsten had been, so I just patiently waited on the couch, at 11:15, I heard a knock, and Kirsten's aunt came sprinting so she could be the one to answer the door. I giggled at how animated she was. I strolled over to the door and locked eyes with Zayn. He looked me up and down, and I think he liked what he saw. 

   He took me to his car, opened the passenger door for me, and went around to his own side. He started the car and got the radio playing, and I asked him curiously, "Where are we going?" And he smirked at me.

   He told me, "It's a surprise,". I hate surprises. I really do. I glared at him and he broke in to a grin. I could tell he wasn't going to tell me, so I sat in silence. Not saying a word. We pulled up to a small grassy field, where a cliche red checkered picnic blanket had been set up. He hopped out and came to my door, and said, "Madame," As he took my hand and we strolled over to the blanket, "I hope you're hungry!" I took a seat, and he grabbed the basket, and came to sit across from me. He pulled out tupperware containers of, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, plates, glasses for water, and silverware. Everything looked amazing! And truthfully, I was really hungry! Zayn started to dish me up, and he gave me perfect portions. I waited until he had dished his up, and we began eating. Everything was as good as it looked! We got to talking some more, this time, more about my life, and my background. I told him about our little agriculture centered town, the girls I liked, the girls I hated, and every reason why. He was very intent. Once our food was gone, he scooted closer to me, and we both started to lean in, and I could feel his warm breath on my lips. He closed the distance, and it was magical. I hadn't ever had a kiss that felt like that. it was getting towards the end of when I thought I should be out, then Zayn got a text from Louis, and I got one from Kirsten. I imagine they said something similar, mine said, 'Hey, Louis invited me to a party, pppllleeeaassseeeeeeee come!!! I'm begging you! it doesn't start til 9:00!! pwetty please!!!' I glanced over at Zayn, and he raised his eyebrows at me and I said, "Why not!" He smiled and dropped me by my house. As I hopped out, he told me, "I'll be by at 8:45, its a small drive, and we're always fashionably late!" I smiled and nodded.

   I walked in to the house, and Kirsten was right there hiding two somethings behind her back. she said with a grin, "Pick a side!" I picked her right arm, but she handed me the left and continued, "Ha! This one is your size,". I looked in the bag, and it looked like a dress. I sprinted up the stairs after her. I jumped on her bed after her,, and inspected the dress in my bag. It was white with pink cheetah print all over it. and there was a gold zipper all down the front. It looked like it would fit.

   "What is yours KK?" I inquired. She pulled hers out, and it revealed a dress with a black sweetheart top, with a silver zipper down the top part. The skirt part was ruffled and floral. It was sexy. As I looked back down at mine, I realized it was just as sexy. I walked over to my room across the hall and got dressed. I still had to decide on shoes. I chose a nude pair of stilettos I did my make-up appropriately. Black eye-liner, darker eye-shadow, and lots of mascara. I went over to knock on KK's door, but she stepped out before I had to.

Kirsten's P.O.V

   I stepped out of my red-ish shadow, and mascara, I went with my black kitten heels, with a bow on the toe. I didn't want to be taller than my date. I was right on time, then I remembered at the last second to grab my pink clutch. I went down the stairs to my aunt fussing over Em already. When she saw me she went even more berserk. She came over to me, yelling things along the lines of, "You both look so grown up!" "I remember when you were both little!". Then we heard the doorbell ring, and she sauntered off to the kitchen. I whispered to Em as we passed, "The dresses are form the boys, Lou dropped them by while you were out." She turned the door, and we came in to sight, and their jaws hit the floor. I smirked at Lou's expression. We hopped in the car, I was in the passenger seat, with Em and Zayn in the back. Wepulled up to the party, and I wondered, 'Who the hell is going to be here??"

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