First Class Strangers

Louis and Zayn fanfic! Two best friends meet the most unlikely people on their way to London. Little do they know that this ride will change their lives.


4. Out of My League

Zayn's P.O.V.

   As I lost sight of Emily in the huge airport, I thought about what I could say to her when I called or texted her. I considered asking her on a date, but then I remembered we had just met. As I was caught up in my thoughts, I felt someone roughly shove me. I was about to retaliate when I realized it was Niall's was of subtly getting my attention without giving our identities away. My first thought was, where are Liam, Harry and Louis? Soon enough I thought about how we were all going to the same place, so it shouldn't really matter too much. Niall was getting irritated, because I guess I wasn't paying enough attention. I spotted Louis alone, I imagine looking the same as me. I locked arms with his as we proceeded to luggage claim. Louis and I were both in a daze, for once Niall was the one babysitting me. We grabbed our bags as quickly as possible, and got out of the airport, thankfully without anyone recognising us.

   We pulled up to our house and we unloaded our bags. Umcle Simon was there to discuss our  next tour, which was thankfully not for another six months. That's one of the reasons I like the winter. We would have a few local shows though, but that was okay. Once Simon left the boys bombarded Louis and I with questions. The first one was from Harry, "When are you going to text them?!"

   Louis pulled out his phone with a cheeky grin, and said with a smirk, "Right about now!" I still didn't know what to say, and the boys caught my hesitation, and asked what the matter was. I replied with a simple, "I'm not sure what to say... She's out of my league..."

   Liam had a very shocked face on, "Someone in existance is out of Zayn Malik's league?!"

   I looked at the floor and I looked up and saw Louis looking at me like I was stupid. "Well what did you say then??"

   He said, "I just said 'hey'. Like a normal person." I looked down and typed a simple 'hey' with a smiley. She instantly responded back with a 'Hey:) What's up??' I typed back, 'Wanna hang out soon?' I hoped she would say yes! Her response was 'When? I think I'm free for this whole week.' I smiled, but then Harry snatched my phone away. I shouted, "GIVE IT BACK!!!" at the top of my lungs. I leapt up and Harry turned on his heel and ran away. HE shrieked back, "NEVER!!" Then he looked at the screen and handed it back without a word. Either he realized what was happening, or he said something... He hadn't said a single word. I was glad. I asked her if she was free Wednesday. She was. I told her it was a surprise. I told her to wear something casual. I decided that I would take her on a picnic. What if she hated picnics?! She was to nice to tell me so I wouldn't know, but I just decided to do it anyways. It was Monday, so I only had to wait two days. I had to find everything, but I decided not to stress... I hoped everything would go perfectly...

   I was hungry, so I walked in to the kitchen and made myself a sandwich. It was really yummy. It was around 8:00 so we watched some tv and around 10:00 Emily and I were still talking... It was nice. I told the boys I was going to bed, and I walked upstairs. I brushed out my hair, making sure it would be tameable in the morning. I stripped until I was in just my boxers and climbed into bed. My brain wouldn't shut up, so I just layed there, thinking about her... about her eyes, her hair, and her laugh. She was totally perfect. And if she took the time to look at me, I would feel... incredible. I couldnt't wait to see her, then I started wondering if she felt the same way... I wondered if on the picnic I should take sandwiches, or already cooked food. I debated over little decisions like that all night long. Then I finally fell asleep.


Sorry for the short chapter guyssss!!! I may not be able to post daily, because, daily doubles for Volleyball start monday! I'm so nervous!!! I will try to post every other day, but, I'll try.

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