First Class Strangers

Louis and Zayn fanfic! Two best friends meet the most unlikely people on their way to London. Little do they know that this ride will change their lives.


2. Losing Sight

Louis P.O.V


   "Kirsten, Kirsten Jade. What's yours?" I started thinking to myself, that's such a nice name, I really like her name.

   Then, I stopped myself and replied back with a simple, "Louis, Louis Tomlinson." I could see the recognition in her eyes, but I didn't want her or I to freak out, so I stayed silent. She looked me in the eye and I thought, should I have waited to tell her my last name, but finally she spoke.

    She looked me straight in the eye as she said this, so there was no confusion, "Are those your bandmates in the other seats?"

    She looked a little freaked out and I didn't want to seem weird so I gave a nice, short answer. "Yes. Why?" She looked over at the girl she came on with, the pissed off one, and at who she was sitting with, who just so happened to be Zayn Malik. Her eyes got big and I would've given anything to see what she was thinking. She was staying remotely calm, especially because she had just found out.

   I wanted to start the conversation, so I asked her "S-so, where are y-you f-from?" As soon as the words were out of my mouth I realized how I had stuttered and sounded like and idiot. Stupid Louis! I mentally cursed myself.

   She looked at me with a small smirk, "Im from Hood River, Oregon. We're not far from Portland... Where are you from?" Why was she being so calm about this?! Almost any girl would drop dead to be in her position, or her friend's for that matter.

   I remembered that she had asked me a question, so I hastily replied, "I'm from Doncaster, England." She looked interested and i wondered what they were doing going to London. So I decided I would ask... Don't stutter... Don't stutter, "So what brings you two to London?" I asked, hoping I didn't sound too creeperish She looked at me with slightly disguised shock, I wondered what had shocked her, the fact that THE Louis Tomlinson was having a conversation with her or the fact that I didn't stutter.

   "We're here visiting my family, Emily is as good as family, but both of our parents decided we needed the exposure, from our normal lives. We're really glad to be going because one, they have a huge house in the heart of London, and two I can get away from retards in my town." I was thankful for the long response that gave me a chance to compose myself. I smirked at her response, because I knew exactly why they were acting like fools around her. She looked at me funny, probably wondering why I was smirking like a fool. I wondered whether she cared about what I had to say or not, so I went on the off chance that she might.

   "Doncaster is full of rude snobby people, but there are some good ones, including me, my family and our friends. I generally like the town, but nobody is supportive at all. Everybody doubts you and you can't get away from that, ever." She looked at me understandingly. I guess maybe all towns where you know lots of people can be like that. We just talked for a while, about everything, from her town to how she hated purple skittles.

   She looked back at her friend, Emily. Her and Zayn were engrossed in conversation. Kirsten just smiled and watched them for a little, then she hopped off her seat and       dropped into the isle, crawled over to the floor by them, and popped up yelling "BOO!" They jumped up and started freaking out, and Kirsten just cracked up! She just sat on the floor and kept laughing. I watched her laugh and was fascinated. She had one of those contagious laughs, so I laughed with her. I think Harry may have heard her too and started laughing with us. They announced  that we would be landing in three hours. The fifteen hour flight has gone by fairly fast, I think it was her, but... yeah, it was her.

  She came back to her seat and looked at me, but not like she had looked at me before. She looked at me and I think she finally realized who I was. But just then she blurted out, "I've known who you were this whole time, but since this flight is about to end, i think i should just put this out there. You are a famous person. You and I both know famous people don't talk to people like me-"

  I abruptly cut her off with a question, "What do you mean, people like you?" She looked at me like I was stupid.

  "People like this," she gestured to her whole body. "Also, when you get off this plane, you're going to your house, with your four bandmates! You have to know that you wont give me a second look." She finished and sat down and looked away from me. I placed my hand on her arms, trying to get them to uncross. She stubbornly looked away. She put on her music, which was on Pandora. The first song that came on Today's Hits was our 'Best Song Ever'. Before she changed it I had time to get a glimpse of the screen, and I saw the little Thumbs Up button. I pulled out one of her ear buds and she immediately turned on me, then I realized that taking her ear buds may not have been the brightest idea.

  I looked her dead in the eyes and said, "I want to know you. I need to know you. You're the first girl that has ever been this quick to make me want to get to know them," She looked slightly taken aback, at my statement. Then I saw it in her eyes, but i could tell her resolve stiffened and there came back that stubbornness. I continued. "I want to know what you like to read, I want to know what song to play you when you're mad, when you're sad, when you're happy. I want to know all about your parents, your family. Your quirks. Can you just give me the chance?"

  "I just don't want to be another random girl that you make another false promise to. Just give me a little to think about it. If I accept, you will leave this plane with my cell number." The flight attendant came and offered us a meal. It was fancy, for plane food. actually it was just plain good. I chose salmon and so did she. She turned on one last movie, which happened to be Monsters University. I thought to myself, that's so childish, but I love it. The attendant came and cleared out plates, and silverware and then told us we would be landing in a half hour. Kirsten's movie was over and she turned on her music again. I tried to look at her Pandora stations, but she said she was too embarrassed. I really didn't want to push it.

   We started to descend and I realized Emily over there looked petrified. I wondered if she was scared of heights...

   Kirsten pulled out her headphones and turned off her phone. She pulled out 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'. I had never read those books, but I've heard they are really good. If she gives me her number and we stay in touch, she may convince me to read it.

   We landed and the plane shook with the impact and we slowed drastically. As we taxied she pulled out a piece of scratch paper and wrote down her number. On the inside I was freaking out! I got her number! But on the outside I played it cool. We pulled up to the gate and they let us First Class passengers off first. It seemed like there were none of our fans there and for that I was thankful. I gave her one last look as we got separated by the mob of people who was constantly existing at the airport. But before I lost sight of her I realized that her and Emily were going in opposite directions...



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