First Class Strangers

Louis and Zayn fanfic! Two best friends meet the most unlikely people on their way to London. Little do they know that this ride will change their lives.


5. Date gone... right?

Kirsten's P.O.V

   I stayed up until one o'clock, texting Louis, until finally, I told him I didn't want to be totally lazy my first day here. He understood. I set an alarm for 9:00am before I forgot. I stayed awake for a little while longer thinking about him, what to wear, what to say, how to act. Then I recalled how I have acted snippy, rude, arrogant, and mean. He still texted me. He still wanted to go on a date with me. Louis Tomlinson was taking me on a date... me! Kirsten Jade. Just a little nobody... With hardly any talents! Besides the guitar, and sports. Sports being volleyball, swimming, and cheerleading. I'm kind of well rounded I guess you could say. But nobody paid a volleyball player, to play, unless she was really good. Which I was, but they like girls who have played on a collage team. I'm still getting there... Swimming, I've had a scholarship offer, but it wasn't a good school, so I refused and came here instead. Cheer, our team won state championship, and went to nationals, but lost. I walked down two flights of stairs to the kitchen. I saw my Aunt already up, making pancakes. She was about out of batter with a huge stack. I asked if she needed any help, but she refused. She brought the stack to the table, and we loaded up our plates, and ate away. Emily came down stairs looking like a zombie. I knew Morning Emily and stairs weren't the best idea. We both said 'good morning' and continued to eat. Once I was sufficiently full, I told my aunt about the date I had later. She looked at me and said, "You haven't even been here 24 hours and already you have a date?? Is it anyone I might know?" Emily and I gave each other a look and she said, "You may know him," she said smirking. 

   I went upstairs around noon, and Louis texted me he would be picking me up around three. That gave me three hours, and I jumped in the shower. I let my hair dry naturally once I was out and walked into the closet I had already packed everything in to. I settled on a top with a plain gray sweater in the front, but the back was a see through pink. I decided on dark colored skinny jeans, and picked out a teal sweatshirt in case I got cold in the fall air. I also found my neutral colored slip on shoes, that were the most comfortable, yet slightly stylish shoes I owned. I put on a natural looking makeup and mascara with brown eyeliner. To myself I looked pretty good, but there was still the issue of my hair. My hair didn't know if it wanted to be wavy or straight, so it did two waves at the end. Which I hated. I straightened it and let it fall in it's natural part. It was 2:30 so I still had a little time left, so I grabbed a purse, which was a black, silver and zebra print mix, and stuffed my iPhone, earbuds, wallet, and other necessities into it.

   I heard the doorbell, and sprinted down the stairs, realizing the only thing I was missing was my lip gloss, so I yelled down the stairs, "GIVE ME ONE MINUTE!!!" I ran back to my room, applied some, and shoved the tube in my pocket. I winded myself going down the first flight, then I collected myself, slowed my breathing, and  walked with poise down the stairs. He had his hair in a quiff, with a casual tee and jeans. He looked perfect. Emily smirked at me and I stared daggers at her. She immediately looked down. Auntie saw him and winked at me. She gave me a knowing look, which probably meant she knew who he was. I greeted him with a happy, "Hello Louis! How are you today?"

   He looked me up and down, and I wondered if he liked what he saw. I went to the door, and gave my aunt and Emily one last look before I closed the door. We walked over to his car, which was parked just around the corner. He opened the passenger side door for me and I got in as he went around to his side. HE tuned the key, and I asked him again, because he never answered before, "How are you Louis?" He looked over at me with a grin, and answered "I'm wonderful, what about you?" 

   I told him, "A little scared actually!"

He was like, "Of what, love?"

   I replied very honestly and said, "That devilish smile." He looked at me and gave me a sincere look and said, "I'm sorry for frightening you." I looked up at him. He looked dead serious. 

   I answered quickly, "No, no! I was honestly just joking!" The sincere face lifted immediately, and he said, "Gotcha!" I wasn't all that mad.  We pulled into the parking lot for the park, and I asked him, "What happens if the paparazzi catch us?" I had a very serios expression. I continued, "We aren't dating, they won't believe we're just friends. What do we do. They're like snipers." He snickered a little. 

   "If they catch us, we tell them you're my mother!" He said as he burst out laughing. 

   I gave him the death glare, and he immediately ceased, just like Emily had. I told him, "Louis, I'm being dead serious." 

   He said, "I don't know what to tell them, that's up to you..." He trailed off at the end. I just nodded, because I understood. If he told them something I didn't want him to, there would be a total invasion of privacy, by paparazzi, and fans. We stepped out of his car. I walked over to the trail, by the woods that I caught in the corner of my eye. I headed that way, and he grabbed my arm and said, "I wouldn't go in there if I were you. Couples go back there to... you know..." He awkwardly trailed off. I headed in the complete opposite direction, and I looked back and saw him smirking. I dragged him over to the kiddie play set, and we sat on the swing set and talked, but then I stood up, poked him and yelled, "YOU'RE IT!!!!" He tore after me, and I jumped on the monkey bars, and swung to the top, and sat there, while he feebly tried to get my shoe, leg or hands. Eventually I came down only after he said he gave up. We started back down a different trail, and I could tell he was trying to grab my hand, subtly. I just went for it and grabbed his and we interlocked our fingers and he looked down at the ground and smiled. I pretended I couldn't see. Inwardly I was glad he had done it, but outwardly, I played it cool.

   Around 5:00 I told him I had to go, so I could eat dinner with my aunt. He dropped me off at her, now my, abnormally large house, at which he said nothing. I was very surprised he hadn't yet. I walked back in, and Emily and my aunt were staring at me with intent expressions, and I told them every detail. The most exciting one being we held hands. 

Sorry this chapter is 8 miles long! I guess I wanted to make up for no posting last night. I realize I'm now talking to no one. Whatevs! 

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