Sorry to all those who love Maka but in this fan fic. she is dead. Soul is crushed. Then he is forced to have a new meister. She has a few problems of her own. She's known around school for her dead partner and her cuts. That's right cuts. Oh and violence. These two are thrown together and have to deal with each other. But neither one wants to.


1. Meeting my new partner

 I pulled my sleves further down my arm covering my hands. I heard their whispers. The surrounded me like an ever present shadow. So many whispers.

  "I heard she killed her partner," one whispered.

  "I heard she cuts her self," another whispered back.

  I felt a tap on the shoulder. A girl was looking at me. Blonde hair. Big blue eyes.

  " Just remember don't cut along the vein," she hissed. "Wouldn't want you to kill yourself like you offed your partner."

  Anger welled within me like a pluage. I shot out of my face and turned to her. My fist connected with her jaw. A crack could be heard through out the room. Miss Marie shot out of her seat like a bullet.

  "Miss Anistagia," She yelled. Crap. "I will not have that behavure in my class room. Stein's room now."

  She handed me a note as I walked out. I pulled up my hood. I was wearing black pants, black converses, and a large black jacket that covered my hands. Black head phones around my neck. I stopped in front of the class room. The door creaked as I opened it. Slowly i stepped through. Stein looked up from the animal on his desk.

  "Yes Anistagia," his voiced cut through me. He sounded nice. I walked down the stairs to him. Trying to ignore the stares. I handed him the note. He was like me. He cut himself up. Only difference he had someone to try to stop him. He twisted the screw in his head. "Ah. Let's go outside. We can talk. Class continue to study quietly."

  We walked out of the class room. The hall was diserted. He leaned against his chair. I stood in front of him.

  "Now Anistagia I know you," he said. We had gotten to know each other well. "I know you wouldn't just attack someone like that. What happened?"

  "They were talking about him," I whispered. "And me."

  He grabbed ahold of my arm and moved up my sleeves. Fresh cuts mingled with old pink scarrs. The new bagining to scab. The old fading.

  "I thought we decided to stop this," He whispered looking down.

  "I am sorry," tears dripped down my cheeks. "I just couldn't."

  He got up from his chair and motioned for me to sit. I plopped down, drawing my knees to my chest and pulling them close when i wrapped my arms around them. He spun the chair to face the door. His large foot kicked open the door. Pushing me in by the chair back. I pulled my sleeves past my hands once again. People looked up and seemed suprised by me in his sacred chair. He spun me into a corner. I smiled a small, small smile. He went on to address his class.

  "Everyone this is Anistagia," he spoke out. "She's going to sit in on one of our classes. Okay now what were we doing. Ahh yes. Dissecting this common bird. Since I was reported for dissecting a rare one."

  He bagan to cut open the bird. My hands itched to hold the knife. To let all my pain out. I spent the whole class thinking about him. And cuts. The intercom buzzed to life. Ten minutes left of this class. Lord Death's voice came on.

  "Stein could you please send Anistagia and Soul to my office hmm?"

  "Very well Lord Death."

  I stood up. Stein smiled up at me. I saw another stand as well. He had silver hair and red eyes. He wore a orange shirt with a black jacket over top and jeans. He shoved his hands in his pockets and slouched towards the door. I followed my smile dissappearing all together. The door creaked shut behind us. I was walking next to him. He was looking at me out of one eye. I felt him looking at my covered wrists. I pulled the sleeves further down. We entered the Death room. He stood there with senpi.

  "Hey. Hello. How are you? Hi," Lord Death's cartoon voice spoke out. "I have very good news. You will both be gitting new partners."

  "What? Who?" shriecked the boy.

  "Each other," He quipped.

  I looked at the boy. He was looking me over. He had a strong build. But is he really a scythe. And partnerless.

  "I don't want another partner," He said. "So not cool."

  "Try not to get this one killed," Senpi said.

  "What," I spoke. The boy looked at me.

  "Not you him," senpi ensured.

  "That's not something you say to anyone," I raised my voice a little. "Lord Death ensure your scythe behaves himself before I do." I slipped my hand under my jacket and felt the hilt of my dagger.

  "How is a small girl like you gonna do that," Soul laughed. Before he knew it a dagger zipped by his head and landed in the wall. He looked suprised then smirked. "How ya gonna get it back? Smart one."

  I jerked my hand. It came back to me. Zipping by his face again. That shut him up. Great my new "partner is a jerk".

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