Sorry to all those who love Maka but in this fan fic. she is dead. Soul is crushed. Then he is forced to have a new meister. She has a few problems of her own. She's known around school for her dead partner and her cuts. That's right cuts. Oh and violence. These two are thrown together and have to deal with each other. But neither one wants to.


2. Albino

  A/N ignore the chapter names they have nothing to do with anything

The boy stormed out of Lord Death's room. I followed after him, a note in my hand and a plan in my head. I would just avoid him intill we had a mission. Though it was going to be hard. I had to live with him after all. I sighed and pulled open the door to Stein's class room. I flew down the steps and handed him the note.

  "Ah," he read it over. "It seems we have a new student. Where to sit you? Oh well we will decide that tomorrow."

  The bell rung out and people swarmed out. Some stayed back though. My "Partner" and his friends. Stein left the room leaving me alone with them. I looked at them. A boy was glaring at me along with my "partner". He had blue spikey hair and a star tattoo. The other boy was looking at the girls who were whispering.

  "Hey," the blue haired boy said. "Come here."

  "W-why," I asked. This had happened before. Someone called me over then beat me up.

  "Please," a girl said. She had long black hair in a ponytail. She looked kind enough. "We just want to talk."

  Reluctantly I walked up to them. I stayed a few steps away though. The other boy had black hair with three white stripes. The other two girls looked related. Both had blonde hair but one had short hair and looked childish. The other one look kinda serious with long hair.

  "So your his new partner," the blue haired boy said. "Don't seem all that tough to me."

  "Black*star," the black haired girl hissed. "Don't be rude"

  "Wait," the long haired blonde said. "Aren't you the girl who lost her partner."

  I looked away. It was all over school. I hated it.

  "I-I have to g-go pack," I whispered. I walked away pulling up my headphones and blasting my saddest tunes. The last thing I heard was "I heard she cuts herself."

  My apartment was small. Boxes littered the floor as I packed. I pulled out my dagger. I stared at it's gleaming, happy blade. Such a pity. I replaced it in it's sleeve. I picked up the first of the boxes and walked out to the moving truck. Soon all my labor was done for now. All the boxes in the truck. I began my trek to his house as the truck pulled away. It was a short distance and before i knew it i was there. I pulled out the first box and walked up the stairs to the apartment. I knocked quickly on the door. He opened it. Seeing me and my box he stepped out of the way.

  "U-um where is the room," I asked. He frowned and ground his teeth.

  "Follow me," he rasped. I caught a glance of the living room while walking by. The same group was in there. The girl with black hair got up. She walked behind me to the room. It was bare aside from a bed and desk. I set my box down and went to grab the others. The black haired girl follows. When I reached the truck I turned to face her.

  "Can I help you," I asked.

  "O-oh," she stumbled. "I-I wanted to help you."

  "O-okay," I whispered handing her a box and grabbing one of my own. With her help I got all the boxes out and started to unpack. The blue haired boy, Black*star I think, burst into my room.

  "I am the great Black*star," He screamed. "I and only I will surpass god!"

  "Could you do that in another room," I asked calmly. "I wish to unpack."

  "I am here to help," He sat down in the middle of the room.

  "O-okay," why do all these people want to help. "Start taking stuff out please."

  He ripped open a box and took out the items. I blushed. My undies. I snatched them up and threw them in the closet for now. He opened the next. Something more sane. Pictures. He picked one up and stared at it. I walked over and looked at the picture. It had me and my partner. He had black hair and was wearing jeans and a orange shirt. My blush started up again. I had forgotten about this picture. I was under him. He was kissing me. A tear slid down my cheeks as I remembered that day. It was a dare but it really meant something to me. The tear landed on Black*star's shoulder he looked up.

  "Please leave," I whispered.

  "A-are you okay," He asked.

  "Just leave," I said more firmly. He got up and left. I slammed the door behind him and slid my back down it. I had loved him. It's my fault he was dead. I remember everything about him. His favorite color was Blue. His favorite book was The Diary of A Wimpy Kid. His favorite movie was The Hills Have Eyes. He was never close to his mother and they fought a lot. His dad was an alcoholic  who beat him day in and day out. I know he wrote poetry though he told no one. I know he always wanted a snake and he loved Mindless Self Indulgence He always wanted to be closer to his family but never could. I know he visited his sisters grave every year on her birthday. I know he loved me. I know I miss him.

  I pulled out my dagger and grabbed some bandages I kept next to my bed. The blade slid across my skin. It felt good. I let all my sadness out on my self. Slice, slice, slice. One, two, three. I bandaged it quickly. Then cried. I crawled to the bed and fell asleep.

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