"If you cant figure out where you stand with someone, it might be time to stop standing and start walking." -anonymous

Sorry if it seems kinda bad and a little too fast past, but it was my first fanfic! :)



Harry's P.O.V.

I knocked on the person's house hoping that they were awake. The person opened the door and looked familiar.


"What are you doing here cause if you looking for-"

"Yeah, Grace, she's right there in my car." She looked over my shoulder and had to go on her toes.

"Why the hell is she sleeping?"

"Listen, do you do know where she lives?"

"Did you and her..."
"Yeah, and it would be a really big help of you if-''

"What the hell do you think that you have the right to do that with her!'' she slapped me across the check

"What the fuck Jessica!''

"Just bring her in here and leave her alone from now on!"

"Why! What the hell did I do bitch (OOOHHH HE JUST WENT THERE!)

"Bring her in here and leave!"

Jessica's P.O.V.


''Listen here you little slut! You tell me where she lives or I tell Niall that you cheated in him!"

"What the fuck Harry! I didn't think you were this kind of person!" I started crying cause the last time someone called me I was still with John. He put his hand on the doorway so I couldn't close the door.

''Get. Out. Of. The. Way."

"Make me bitch" I tried to push past him but he wouldn't budge. I was practically balling by this time. It was bringing me back to the memories of John. Fine, he wants to act like John, I'll treat him like John.

"Im warning you one last time. Get out of my way"

"Make me"

"FINE BITCH YOU ASKED FOR IT!" I kicked him right in the balls. He fell over in pain. I ran over him and went to Grace but the door wouldn't open. "Shit" I started to bang on the window to wake Grace up but a hand grabbed me and threw me on the ground.

''If you would've just told me you wouldn't be on the ground now would you! And why the fuck are you crying whore!"


"NO. Goodbye Jessica! thanks for all of your help!" he ran over to his car door and went in. He drove off leaving a cloud of dust like I did when I dropped off John in the ditch. I was crying  hard into the grass. I think its time I tell Niall and the others about John. I ran back inside and dialed Niall's number.


"Niall, can you come over to my house, I-I think its time for me to tell you my story" I sniffled a little cause all what just happened was just a rerun off what John would do on a good night.

"Yeah sure, just tell me where you live"

"Ok my address is [enter random address]"

"K, I'll see you in about 20"

"ok, bye"

"bye" me and him hung up. I just didn't think that Harry would be such a... a... John.

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