"If you cant figure out where you stand with someone, it might be time to stop standing and start walking." -anonymous

Sorry if it seems kinda bad and a little too fast past, but it was my first fanfic! :)


14. text message

Niall's P.O.V.

I knew that Louis was right but I just couldn't get her outta my mind.

"Does this mean that I can't see her anymore?" even tough we weren't. Or at least not yet.

"Yes it does. I mean, it's not like I don't think that you two wouldn't make a cute couple, you would. But just think of how much hate her and you are gonna get if you ever do become a couple."

"Well.. I don't even know if were even gonna go out, ya know I haven't even texted her yet and I only met her 2 soooo..."

"Yeah but, I mean I've seen the way you look her even if you've only met her 2 times."

"What the hell man! One minute your all like "Oh you can't see her any more cause of all the hate" and then the next minute your like "Oh, I see the way you look at her"! WHICH ONE!"

"Well I'm not Mr. Niall Horan who thinks it's cool to stalk on a random girl that you met at a café!"

"UGH! I did NOT stalk her! We just happened to meet at the mall!"

"Yup, if that's what you gotta tell your self at night to go to sleep" He got up and walked away, saying, "Just happened my ass"(dat right Louis! you got da booty)

Ugh he can be so stupid at times.  I pulled out my new phone and the paper that Jessica gave me and typed it into the contact list.

Jessica's P.O.V.

I drove Grace home and it was already 4:00. I got ready to go try out for a job at Nandos. I put on a faint green button down shirt with ruffles on in the front and a big beaded pearl necklace, a black skirt and put a half inch wide gold belt on over it. I put on a crème color jacket. I walked over to my shoes and picked out a pair of black heels. And for my hair, I put it in a French braid going down the side of my face(a little over dressed, I know put I saw a pic of it and thought that it was adorable so I just had to use it). I called Grace to see if she was ready yet.

"Hey Grace, you ready yet?"

"Ugh yeah, I've been ready this whole time so I guess I should probably come pick you up now"

"Woah, calm down there! haha and sure, you can come pick me up now I don't care"

"K, see ya in like 30 seconds haha"

"K bye!" As soon as I hung up, I got a text message from some random number.

random person: Hey Jessica it's Niall, I was wondering what you were up to? I changed his contact name to Niall so I didn't have to type his number all the way out when I wanted to text him.

Jessica: Oh hey Niall! I see this time you actually wanted to talk haha. And guess where im applying for a job!

Niall: Idk where?

Jessica: NANDOS!

Niall: Omfg that makes you like 500% hotter haha!" Just then Grace pulled up in my driveway and honked the horn.

Jessica: Umm, Niall I have to go apply for the job! Wish me luck?

Niall: Well of course I'm gonna wish you luck silly goose! And if you get the job I'll take you on a date! Well either way, Do you wanna go out on Saturday @7:00 pm with me and the lads? You can bring a friend, for Harry's sake?

Jessica: Well of course I would go on a "date" with you haha! Oh geeze! now I really gotta go im gonna be late! bye ttyl

Niall: That's great! haha GOOD LUCK!!! :) I was fangirling so hard in my head UGH! I could've sworn that it was gonna explode! I rushed outta my room and to the front door. I ran to Grace's car and hopped in.


"Jesus Jessica! NOW WERE BOTH GONNA BE LATE! I thought that you said that you were ready!!

"I was until Niall texted me" I said smirking

"Omfg NIALL TEXTED YOU BACK! AHHHHHH!" she was fangirling so hard that she started to swerve a little.


"Geeze Grace! hhahaha"


"I'm sorry but how can you not be fangirling right now?"


"I don't know"


"Well then" We pulled up to Nandos and I took in a deep breath. Time to impress Niall.



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