"If you cant figure out where you stand with someone, it might be time to stop standing and start walking." -anonymous

Sorry if it seems kinda bad and a little too fast past, but it was my first fanfic! :)


31. hospital drama i guess. HEHE

Jessica's P.O.V.

"I'm really sorry about that, you should get some rest. Your going to be here for awhile."

"I figured as much" I said with a fake smile.

"Ok sweetie, I'll leave you alone" she smiled and walked out. I would honestly hate to be in Harry's shoes right now. He's the reason for all this. I just hope that the guys don't do anything stupid to him. We don't need anymore drama.



*3 hours later*


*Knock Knock* who the hell could it be, they were supposed to go home. I was now fully awake and had eaten supper.

"Come in" Louis popped his head in the door and headed towards the seat next to me.

"Listen Jessica, we know something happened between Harry, Niall and you. We promised Harry that we wouldn't go to the cops if he told us what happened but he wouldn't tell us. Please Jessica, your our only hope. If you tell us it could help save the band"

"I don't know what your talking about Louis"

"Oh come on Jessica! I've had enough with everything now and I just want ANSWERS!"


"I don't want to talk about it" he looked down at his feet, with sadness in his eyes. "I came her to ask you questions, not the other way around"

"Louis, if you tell me what happened, I'll tell you what happened" He looked up and smiled


"Yes, but you have to go first" he sighed and opened his mouth

"Fine. You know when we all went bowling and I said that Eleanor couldn't be there because she had ''family issues"

"Yeah what about it"

"She, she, she cheated. AND NOW SHES FUCKING PREGNANT WITH HIS CHILD!'' he said standing up to look out the window.

"Oh gosh Louis, I'm so sorry"

"It's not your fault" I was shocked that Eleanor did that. But back when I was still a fan I always thought she was doing something fishy. I sighed and said 'whore' under my breath.

"I know she is" I looked back at Louis. I didn't think he could hear me.

"Oh, you heard, sorr-"

"But its true"

"I'm sure it is. Who have you all told?" he sat back down next to me. He was still looking down.

"Only you" wow. I didn't think that we were that good of friends.

"You do realize that this makes us like bffs!" I said giggling.


"I wont tell any one your secret, only if you want me to. That's what friends do"

"I guess. So now its your turn" I sighed and looked at him. I opened my mouth to speak but the door flew open and Liam ran in


"REALLY!" Louis said standing up. Hopefully he forgot about what happened between me and Harry. They were talking about the details when Liam turned to look at me.

''Want to come?"

"I c-cant" I said looking down.

"Why no-"

"Liam, I don't think she wants to talk about it. Lets just have us go" Louis said turning around with sad eyes.

"Thanks Louis" he shook his head 'yes' and walked with Liam to the door. But before Louis closed it he turned around and said

"I'll be back later so we can finish talking"


(AN: all I have to say is: HAROLD EDWARD STYLES! THEY DO NOT COME IN A BAG THEY COME IN A BOX! oh, and im lazy. Only the real Grace would understand so sorry if you don't get it. ENJOY MA BITCHES!)

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