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Marcel was always the bullied one in school, least popular and no girl would ever wish to be with him. However, that is about to change when Sky Brown moves into Jelano High School for senior year...READ TO FIND OUT MORE! (:


2. Chapter Two: His Perfect Curls

Chapter Two: His Perfect Curls

"Marcel! Yo over here!!" I yell happily, as I saw Marcel's figure looking around the cafeteria while holding a tray of food. He looks at me and starts walking over, when a blonde buff guy walks past him knocking his tray of food on the ground.

"HEY!!!" I yell and stand up. The guy laughs and leaves Marcel standing there with Mac and Cheese and apple juice all over his vest. I take his hand and lead him to the boy's bathroom.

"You're coming in?" He chuckles as I walk him over to the one of the sinks. I push his head down to the water and  the automatic faucet starts running. It lands on Marcel's hair and I rub some hand soap in his hair, sticky gel coming out and falling in the drain. He moans softly as I scratch his head lightly and I giggle. 

He has perfect brown curls. I wonder why he didn't let his curls down and instead he put them to the side with tons of gel. I finish and hand him a looooong strip of paper towel. He chuckles and dries his hair. Next, I strip him out of his vest revealing a tight white long sleeve, showing off his abs. I found myself staring at him, but snapped myself out of my own thoughts. 

"Here," I hand him his vest and he shrugs and throws it in the trashbin. 

"Come on we'll be late for class," I take his hand and drag him out of the bathrooms. A shot of electricity shoots through my body when our fingers locked together. He follows closely behind me and soon we are walking down the school hallway hand-in-hand. 

"Let's walk to our next class?" He asks. 

"Aren't you hungry?" 

"No, not really," He shakes his head. 

"All right. What class do you have next?" I ask Marcel. 

"M-M-Music," Here we go with the studdering again. /.\ 


"Yeah you too?" 

"Yeah I have that class next, but I mean why do are you so nervous around people?" I ask curiously. 

"I'm a shy guy," 

"No you aren't, under that nerdy egg shell you're awesome," I smile at him. He just looks down. We enter the music room and sit on two desks at the back. 

"Shit. We ditched Layla!" I blur out. He chuckles. 

"Its okay," 

"I hope s-" the bell rang and cut me off. We hear the door open and students fill the room. 


I write down a note to Marcel and quietly fold it into an aiplane so the teacher wouldn't catch me while he was teaching us how to play the violin. Like I care, I just like playing guitar, piano and drums. I wait until the teacher turns around and throw the note at Marcel, hitting the back of his head. He rubs his head and looks at me. I was on his right side. I smirk at him, causing him to blush. 

I point to the floor and he looks down. He picks the note up and unfolds it slowly. He started blusing like mad and turned to me and gave me a small nod. I smile to myself and look back at the teacher. (The note said:

Hey Marcel! Do you think we can meet up afterschool? I heard there's a fair down the street. Xx <3 :) 


The last bell rang, indicating it was time to go home. I skip to my locker, totally happy because..well...I don't know? :/ 

I put my reading book in my locker and close the locker putting in the combination. I sigh and walk down the hallway. I saw a lop of curls infront of me. 

"Marcel Marcel!" I yell and catch up to him. 

"Oh hey Sky," he says. I hadn't seen him smile at me, and I was determined to be the cause of one of his smiles. 

"So are we going?" I ask. 

"Yeah sure." 

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