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Marcel was always the bullied one in school, least popular and no girl would ever wish to be with him. However, that is about to change when Sky Brown moves into Jelano High School for senior year...READ TO FIND OUT MORE! (:


23. Chapter Twenty-Three: Hate.

Chapter Twenty-Three: Hate      After our game of truth or dare, which wasn't as much fun without Louis, we all divided the bedrooms and were now tucked in, in bed.    Harry mumbles something in his sleep, which I don't understand, he wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me closer to his chest.    "I did it for you!" He angrily says in his sleep, his eyebrows furrow together in anger. Should I wake him up?    "You never loved me!" His voice cracks at the word love.    "You used me.." He whispers.    "He didn't deserve to die!" He yells, but not too loud to wake up the others. I shake him once, gently.    "Harry," I whisper shaking him again.    "I hate you!!" He yells again. I shake him harder this time.    "Haz!" You say as you slap him. He jolts up, panting and sweat all over his face.     "Y-you scared me," I say embracing him.    "Did I talk in my sleep? How much did you hear?" He asks sounding worried. Did he not want me to know?    "We'll talk in the morning," I say kissing his forehead and cuddling next to him. Once I do this, his body relaxes.    ~*~    "Babe, did you kill anyone?" I ask. Harry and I were sitting on the bed, talking while the others were still asleep. He chuckles nervously.    "You're so weird love," he kisses my forehead. I look up to meet his big green eyes. They were worried and had a hint of guilt in them , which made me suspicious. I know its weird to just ask someone if their a murder, but I had to try right?    "I love you," I change the subject and peck his lips. He pulls away and stands up.    "I need to take a shower," he says shaking his mop of curls, making them fly all over.    "Okay Haz," I giggle at how adorable he looks. He goes into the restroom and I pick up my phone.    To Niallerboo<3: You awake yet? xo    I go through my Twitter newsfeed. Hate, hate and more hate.    @HarryGiveMeYourGravy: @SkyB I can't beleive Harry's with you! He's too good for you. Have you seen yourself? Ew.    @OneDirection's_Whore: You're such a slut. I heard you were dating Niall and then you got with Haz. Three words, fuck you bitch. -> @SkyB   @HarryTheSexGod: @SkyB Haha! You're face makes me laugh. Go kill yourself, make us all a big favor.    By the third one I had tears brimming my eyes.    @SkyB: Thanks for the hate. You all aren't true Directioners if you're hating on their girlfriends. Stop acting like dumb 12 year olds, seriously, grow the fuck up.    I went unto my homepage and notice I had a text message.    From Niallerboo<3: Yeah, in the kitchen. :)    Oh of course he is. I stand up from the bed and make way downstairs. I push the kitchen door open and find Niall eating a plate with bacon, blue berries and strawberries. Immidiately, my mouth watered at the sight. Niall notices and takes his plate and places it on his lap. I giggle and open the fridge, taking out a cup of yogurt.    I sit down on the island next to Niall and begin shoving spoonfulls of yogurt into my mouth. Niall finishes his food and then we both put the spoon and his plate into the dishwasher.    "Are the others still asleep?" I ask.    "Yup," he chuckles.    "Can I ask you something?" I ask - my voice cracking a little. His face softens and his eyes fill with concern, staring deeply into mine. He gives a small nod, signaling me to continue.    "D-Do you think I'm not g-good enough for Harry?" A tear slips my eye, but I quickly wipe it away. His mouth turns into a frown and he embraces me in a much needed Horan hug.    "Don't say that," he says crying himself. Did I just make Niall cry? I start sobbing into his neck and soon enough he's sobbing into mine too.    "Its just that he's so perfect and amazingly handsome and I'm..I'm..hideous," I cry.    "You're the most beautiful person I've ever seen," he pulls away and looks into my eyes. I get lost in his blue orbs, everything, every problem dissappearing and I feel like its just us two. I glance at his lips and then at his eyes. I feel the need to feel his soft lips on  mine again even though I know its absolutely wrong. I'll just blame it on me, I think.    I lean in slowly, still staring into his eyes. He gulps and closes his eyes. The space between us soon closes and our lips touch, in that moment I feel something undescibable in the pit of my stomach. Something I thought only existed in fairytales or movies.    I close my eyes in enjoyment and place my hand on his cheek. He grabs my waist and licks my bottom lip, asking for an entrance. I part my lips letting his tongue through and we explore each other's mouths. This moment is just so perfect. He slowly pulls away, looking into my eyes and licking his lips, still feeling mine on his.    "I'm sorry," I shake my head and bite my lip. I'm so stupid, Maddie really likes him. She's a good girl, I can't do this to her.    "Its okay," he smiles reassuringly and places a sweet kiss on my forehead.    "Now I have to go take a shower 'cause I really stink," he chuckles and stands up. I giggle and watch him as he jogs up the stairs. I sigh and make my way to the couch. I lay down and turn on the tv.    "Harry Styles' girlfriend Sky Brown just twitter and I quote ' @SkyB: Thanks for the hate. You all aren't true Directioners if you're hating on their girlfriends. Stop acting like dumb 12 year olds, seriously, grow the fuck up. ' Since Harry and her have started dating about two or three weeks ago, she's been recieving tons of hate from pissed off Directioners. #HarryBreakUpWithSky has been trending worldwide since the last couple minutes. Do you think Directioners are crossing the line? Send us your thoughts or comments on our website-" I turn off the tv and close my eyes.    "Don't listen to them," his husky voice says. I feel the couch dip down meaning he sat down on it and I open my eyes to see that curly haired beauty.    "I can't take all of this hate...its really getting to me," I look up at him.    "We can overcome this okay? If we love each other then we can walk through this together," he puts his hand on my thigh. I push it away and stare into his eyes with tears falling down my rosy cheeks.    "I think we should break up.."    A/N: I'm so sorry I hadn't updated. I started school on Mondy so I've been really busy with homework. Anywaaaaaay...    Do you think she'll really break up with him? :O    What about her kiss with Niall? Will Harry and Maddie find out?    What will they say?    Like, favorite, comment and become a gorgeous fan. <3 :']    ~YR Linares 
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