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Marcel was always the bullied one in school, least popular and no girl would ever wish to be with him. However, that is about to change when Sky Brown moves into Jelano High School for senior year...READ TO FIND OUT MORE! (:


26. Chapter Twenty-Six: Dentist

Chapter Twenty-Six: Dentist  

I got home and immidiately walked into the kitchen. I took out a family size bag of Gold Fish Crackers and sat down on the couch to eat. I grabbed my phone from my back pocket and went through Twitter. Directioners were happy now, since Harry is 'dating' Emma. I guess I'm really not good enough to be Harry Styles' girlfriend. 

I exited my Twitter app and put my phone back into my pocket. I got up from the couch and put the bag of crackers back in the cupboard. I drank a glass of apple juice, then went to my room and brushed my teeth. I absolutely do not want my breathe to smell or to have crumbs stuck between my teeth in the dentist. 

I take the car keys from the key hanger next to the door before stepping outside into the cool, summer breeze. 


"Sky Sophia Brown," I tell the reciptionist. She nods and types something into her computer. 

"Wait here until your name is called," she smiles politely at me. 

"Thank you," I return the smile and take a seat next to a little blonde girl, about five. 

"Aren't ywou dating Haiwwy?" She asks while taking her lollipop out of her mouth with her sticky, little hands.

"I was," I correct her. She frowns and pops the candy into her mouth again. 

"Sky Sophia Brown?" The dentist announces over the speaker. I stand up and walk over to her. 


I turn the steering wheel, causing the car to make a left. I was on my way home from the dentist. My mouth felt weird, they had done a clean up and put in a separator and had also changed my gold colored bands to aqua blue. 


I reach over to the passenger seat and feel around for my phone with my free right hand. I grab it and unlock it then look down to look at my new text message. 

From Haz(: : Can we talk, please? xx 

I was still upset over him being at the park with Emma, but somehow I felt butterflies in my stomach when I saw the text was from him. I was interupted from my thoughts when I heard a loud car's horn. I glance back up from my phone's screen to see a car coming directly at me. 

I had gone to the opposite side if the road. I jerk the wheel to the left to go on the right side, but it was too late. 

Harry's POV. 


I pick up my phone and glance at the screen. An unknown number, weird. 

"I have to take this," I excuse myself from the dinner table and stand up - walking to the living room. 

"Okay, hurry up Hazzabear," my mum calls out behind me. 

"Hello?" I answer the phone nervously. I had this weird feeling in my stomach. 

"Yes, is this Harry Styles?" A lady said with a posh accent. 

"Yes, this is him," I assure. 

"Your friend was in a car accident. We saw you were the last person she has contacted on her phone, so we called you-," 

"Who!?" I cut her off, completely irritated. 

"Sky Sophia Brown." I hang up the phone and run back into the dinning room. 

"Sky is at the hospital, I have to go," I freak out and go upstairs to my room and grab a sweater, I come back down in a hurry and leave the house without letting my parents say anything. I didn't let the woman give me information, but its quite small here so I know what hospital she's in. I got into my car and start the engine, with my vision a bit blurry from my tears, I squeeze my eyes letting them fall and begin driving. 

I just hope she's okay.. 

A/N: Oh my nachos, Sky can't get a break huh? 

What do you think will happen to her...

Or them? ;) 

#SkarryTeam. <3 

Sorry #SkiallTeam X'D 

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