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Marcel was always the bullied one in school, least popular and no girl would ever wish to be with him. However, that is about to change when Sky Brown moves into Jelano High School for senior year...READ TO FIND OUT MORE! (:


25. Chapter Twenty-Five: Single Pringles

Chapter Twenty-Five: Single Pringles. 

I woke up, by my stupid alarm. I slam my hand on it to shut it the fudge up and rub the tiredness out of my eyes. Ugh! I hate school! I stand up and decide to take a shower, to freshen up.

After my nice shower, I change into high cut jeans, a purple tank top with a white cardigan over it and purple flats. I let my hair dry naturally and brush my teeth. I go into the kitchen and grab a banana. 

As I'm taking bites out of it, I go back into my room and grab my phone. I throw away the banana peels into the trash can, taking a quick glance at the fridge. My eyes go wide and I look over at it again - at the note stuck onto it. 

~Dentist appointment at 4:30 on September 1. ~ 

Today's date. I sigh and grab the car keys. 


"Had you seen Layla?" I ask Bailey as I take a seat next to her at the cafeteria. She shakes her. 

"I hadn't seen her all day," she frowns. 

"I know me neither, I didn't see either of you in the morning," I questionabaly raise an eyebrow at her. 

"I was at the libarary studying," she shrugs. I nod. 

"Hey, why don't you go cry with your bestfriend in the restrooms too huh?" Emma and her bitches pass by our table giving us a death glare. 

"What?" I ask. Emma halts causing some of her minions to bump unto her. She turns around to face me with a big smirk. 

"Mark broke up with her for someone better so she started crying. I guess you both are single now," she laughs evilly and turns back around, walking towards the popular table. My nose scrunches up in disgust as she sways from side to side, shaking her arse to get attention from guys. 

"Let's go," I say standing up and throwing my untouched lunch into the trash bin. Bailey does the same and walks beside me to the girls' bathrooms. 

"Lay-Lay?" I ask as I push the door open and step in, Bailey close behind me. I got no answer, in the empty room. 

"I guess she ditched," Bailey looks at me sadly. We were about to turn around and leave when we heard a sniffle come from the big stall at the back of the restrooms. Bailey looks at me and we nod at the same time. We walk over to the stall and put our ears up on the door. 

"Layla?" Bailey asks. Another sniffle. 

"What happened?" I ask. Another sniffle. 

"Please open it up," I say knocking on the door. I hear a loud sniffle and then the lock. I quickly push open the door and hug her. Bailey joins in and we all stand there, in a wonderful group hug. 

"Come on, let's get you cleaned up," I drag her out of the stall and over to the sink. She washes her face with plain water and the dries her face with a paper towel. 

"Thank you," she smiles at us. 

"You're wel-," Bailey gets cut off by the bell. We laugh and walk to our next class. 


"What exactly happened?" I ask Layla. We were at a park near my house, just hanging out afterschool. 

"Mark cheated on me with Emma. I saw them making out in his car," she answers. 

"Its okay. At least we both are single pringles," I grin at her. She chuckles and Bailey clears her throat. 

"Oh you too Bailey, Louis hasn't made a move," I laugh. She giggles. 

"I know, but I can't call myself a single pringle," she winks. 

"Okay whatever," Layla smacks her arm playfully. My eyes wander my surroundings even though I've been here a lot of times before. 

"Isn't that Harry?" Bailey asks and points over to a tall boy laughing and pushing a girl on a swing. My heart breaks a little as I see the scene in front of me, but not as much as it does when I realize who he's pushing. 


"I need to go. I have a lot of homework, sorry," I excuse myself and stand up - throwing my backpack over my shoulder and unto my back. 

"Okay bye," Layla gives a death glare at Bailey knowing what she did and hugs me. 

"I'm so sorry," Bailey looks at me with worried eyes. I smile at her reassuringly and give her a bear hug. 

"Bye guys," I wave and walk right past the swings where Emma abd Harry are, taking loud steps to let them know I'm there. From the corner of my eye I watch as Harry stops pushing and looks at me. 

"Sky, wait!" He calls out to me. I look back at him, Emma giving me a cold stare and turn around towards my house and run. 


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