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Marcel was always the bullied one in school, least popular and no girl would ever wish to be with him. However, that is about to change when Sky Brown moves into Jelano High School for senior year...READ TO FIND OUT MORE! (:


22. Chapter Twenty- Two: Sleepover

Chapter Twenty-Two: Sleepover

"You guys are so cute together though," Bailey smiles at me. I had invited Bailey over as well. She was my friend and I didn't want there to be two girls and five guys. 

"Aww thanks! Want me to hook you up with one of them?" I wink. 

"Who's single?" She giggles. Hmm..Liam is dating Veronica. Niall is dating Maddie. Zayn is dating Perrie and Louis barely broke up with Eleanor. So he's the only one single. 

"Louis," I blurt. 

"Then try your best Dr. Sky," she winks. We start laughing. Wow, sometimes she acts so slutty! 


I shot right up and ran over to the door. I turn the knob and pull the door open. I immidiately wrap my arms around Harry and kiss him passionatly. Zayn clears his throat so we pull away blushing. 

"Hey boys! Come on in," I say and open the door wider so they can come in. They pile in and take a sest on the couch and on the floor. 

"Louis this is my beautiful, available, funny, available, sweet, available friend Bailey. Did I mention available?" I say sitting between Layla and Niall. Layla punched me in the arm and gave me a death glare. 

"Yes you did. Many times," Harry says wrapping his arm around Louis. 

"You're still single right Louis?" I ask hopefully. 

"Yup," he pops the 'p.' 

"You guys can get to know each other," I wink at them. Louis looks over at red faced Bailey sitting on the floor next to Zayn.

"Let's talk? He asks. She nods. 

"You guys can go to the door park down the street?" I suggest. 

"Alright let's go," Louis stands up from the floor and follows Bailey out the door.

"Well that was easy," I shrug. They all laugh and Zayn suggests we play truth or dare. 

"Sounds good," I sit on the floor next to Zayn. We form a circle and the game begins.

"Truth or dare Liam?" Zayn moves his eyebrows up and down at him. 

"T-Truth," Liam stutters. Harry groans beside me and I smack the back of his head. 

"Is true that you once peed your pants in front of Veronica?" Zayn asks. Liam sighs and looks at me. My mouth was dropped open. Daaang!

"Yeah," he answers - putting his head on his hands. 

"Is wittle Wiam embarrassed?" Niall pokes his side.

"Shut the hell up," Liam spat. Niall puts his hands up on defence. 

"Woah watch out, shit just serious. Liam cussed," I laugh. Liam puts his head up and frowns at me. 

"Truth or dare Sky?" He asks. 

"Dare," I smirk. 

"I dare you to kiss Niall," he blurts out. I watch as Harry stops laughing and his face drops. Liam pushed it to far. 

"Its a dare," he says. I sigh and glance at Niall. His face was flushed. 

"The sooner you do it, the faster you'll get over it," Zayn shrugs - sighing. Harry sends him a death glare. Niall is across from me so I lean in slowly. His face goes into a darker shade of red and he leans in as well. His eyes shift nervously from my eyes and land on my lips. 

As his breath tickles my flesh, I close my eyes waiting for the impact. I finally feel his lips land on mine and I grab the back of his face and hold him on place. I feel his face turn and as we both pull away, his teeth tuck at my bottom lip making it pop back up after. I sit back on my spot and feel everyone's eyes on me. 

I look around and its true, everybody's eyes are on me. 

"What?" I ask - trying my best not to sound rude. 

"Nothing," Zayn and Liam say together. 

"She's mine," Harry wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me close to him. 

"I'm yours Harry. I'm all yours," I reach my lips higher - to his cheeks and plant a sweet kiss on it. 

Now I regret the kiss. 

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