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Marcel was always the bullied one in school, least popular and no girl would ever wish to be with him. However, that is about to change when Sky Brown moves into Jelano High School for senior year...READ TO FIND OUT MORE! (:


3. Chapter Three: The Fair

Chapter Three: The Fair


The last bell rang, indicating it was time to go home. I skip to my locker, totally happy because..well...I don't know? :/ 

I put my reading book in my locker and close the locker putting in the combination. I sigh and walk down the hallway. I saw a lop of curls infront of me. 

"Marcel Marcel!" I yell and catch up to him. 

"Oh hey Sky," he says. I hadn't seen him smile at me, and I was determined to be the cause of one of his smiles. 

"So are we going?" I ask. 

"Yeah sure." 

"So do you have any siblings?" I try to break the ice. 

"Ugh..I actually have a big sister..named Gemma," he turns to glance at me. "How about yourself?" 

"I'm an only child," I say looking down.  I never knew any of my family. I just know that both my parents died when I was five because their house burnt down. I was at my Aunt Iris' house with her daughter Veronica, so I wasn't in the fire. Thank God. Veronica and I were now living in a nice luxury apartment. We were really close. 

"How old are you?" I ask. 

"18, I'm turning 19 on Feburary 1," he answers. That's in a week. 

"That's nice," I smile at him. We arrive at the parking lots. 

"Where did you come to school on?" I ask. 

"A bike," 

"Me too," I giggle. He nods and we walk over to where all the bikes are. I pick up my pink beach cruiser and he grabs his black bmx. 

"Can we go to my house so I can change?" He asks as we start pedaling our way out of the parking lots. 

"You look nice like that," I say glancing at him for a second. 

"I don't feel comfortable," 

"Okay fine," 


We pull up to his house, or mansion. It had a nice, white fountain in the front yard of an angel. 

"You can come in," he says as he opens the door for me. What a gentleman. I walk in and sit on the couch paciently. 

"Haz is it you?" A lady with black hair comes out of the kitchen holding a spatula. 

"Hello I'm Sky," I smile and hug her. I don't like shaking hands, its too rich people type of thing. 

"Anne," she hugs back. I pull away and Marcel clears his throat. We both turn to look at him. 

"Ugh let's go up to my room," he takes my hand and leads me upstairs. I wave one last time at his mum and he opens a door that has 'Harry' written in sharpie on it. I sit down on his bed and he closes the door. 

"Howcome your door says Harry?" I ask. 

"Harry is my ugh...second name?" He says nervously. I nod. He walks to his walk in closet and comes out with a red vest on top of his white shirt. I groan. 

"Marcel!" I complain. 

"This is me Sky," he shrugs. 

"Okay let's go now," I take hus hand and run downstairs. 

"Mum can I go to the fair with Sky?" He asks as we walk to the door.

"Of course honey! Have fun, but not too much fun!!" Marcel blushes at that and he grabs some keys. 

"Aren't we riding our bikes?" 

"Nope it'll take forever," he says. He opens his black range rover's passenger seat side for me and I climb in.


"So who do you have a crushy wushy on?" I poke his chest. We were sitting down on some bleachers on a tent looking at a magic show while he was eating a caramel apple and I was eating cotton candy. 

"Nobody," he looks down at the ground. 

"I won't tell anyone, I promise," I hold my pinky out. 

"All right," he locks his pinky around mine - causing butterflies in my stomach. 

"Who?" I insist. 

"Iris Lopez," he blushes. She was the school's IT girl. Super popular and only let popular guys in her pants. And the thing that made her so popular, probably the 90%, was that she was extremely pretty. I wouldn't EVER have a chance against her. When he said her name I felt like my heart stopped. 

No, stop it! I AM NOT crushing on Marcel. 

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