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Marcel was always the bullied one in school, least popular and no girl would ever wish to be with him. However, that is about to change when Sky Brown moves into Jelano High School for senior year...READ TO FIND OUT MORE! (:


33. Chapter Thirty-Three: Ryan.

Chapter Thirty-Three: Ryan. 


I walk over to our usual table, keeping my eyes on Emma, who was 'talking' more like flirting to me, but bending down across the table close to Harry's face to show off her boobs. Harry looks reaaally uncomfortable (not) sneaking looks into her blouse.

I huff at her slutty actions, who does that skank think she is?

"I promise I won't tell anyone," she winks at Harry and turns around. My blood boils inside of me, I know for fact my face is red as a baboon's butt right now. I sit let go of my tray on the table, making it land with a loud thud. 

"What was she talking about?" I ask and sit down next to him. 

"Ugh..umm..nothing babe," he smiles at me. 

"Harry Edward Styles," I warn. 

"Sky Sohpia Brown," he says taking a bite out of his sandwich. 

"Nevermind," I sigh and nibble at my own sandwich. Maybe he was right, maybe it was just nothing. I am probably over reacting right now. Gosh, I don't want him thinking I'm one of those crazy girlfriends that get jealous out of everything. 


"Do you have tutoring today?" I ask as I close my locker and turn around to look at Harry. He shakes his had causing his curls to fly all around his head, but then falling around his frame again perfectly. 

"I'll walk you to your car," he takes my hand and leads me outside. 

"Bye girls!" I wave at them when I see them under a tree. They smile and wave back. 

Harry and I reach my car and he kisses me for like five minutes. 

"Okay I have to go now," I giggle and pull away from our kiss. 

"Kay, bye love," he engulfs me in a sweet hug and let's me go after a few seconds. 

I get into my car and turn it on. 


I lay in bed at night just thinking about what I heard Emma say. 

'I promise I won't tell anyone.' 

Kept repeating in my mind. Is Harry cheating on me? I open my eyes and look around my room. A poster of SoMo, (A/N: I love him so much. You should check out his song 'Ride' c; ) is on wall in front of my bed. I had placed it there so I could wake up to see his beautiful face every morning. Yeah, I'm that crazy.

I sigh and close my eyes again. Hopefully, tommorrow will be better and I want to find out what's up between Harry and Emma. No, let me rephrase that, 

I am going to find out. 



I smack my alarm clock and rush into the restroom to shower before school. 


I lock up my skateboard on the brand new skateboard rack the school had bought and walk in to school. 

As I walk in, the hallway falls dead silent. All conversations are stopped and all eyes are on me. I gulp nervously and go over to my locker to meet Bailey and Layla like every morning. 

"What's up with them?" I ask curiously. 

"I have no idea," Bailey shakes her head. I glance over at Layla, she just stays quiet and gives me a small, fake smile when she notices me staring. I nod and we walk over to our first class, art. 


Hey slut," a guy that I don't even know bumps unto my shoulder as I make my way to the cafeteria.   

"What!?" I ask - coming to a halt and going up to his face. 

"Slut," he repeats. I race my hand up to slap his disrepectful face, but someone caught my fist in mid air. 

"Both, office now," Ms. Hammock grabs my wrist and drags me into the office with the guy behind us. 

"Sit down," she orders. We both take a seat in front of her, me playing with my hoodie strings. 

"What was that about?" She turns to me, eyebrows raised. 

"He was being rude," I reply. 

"No!" He cuts in. 

"Shut it," she snaps back. He throws his hands up in the air and slouches back in his chair. 

"What did he say or do?" She asks me. 

"He called me a slut," I look down at my lap in embarrassement. 

"Why is that Ryan?" She turns to the guy now. 

"She was going out with Niall, while cheating on him with Harry and then she broke up with him to go with Harry and she even made a sex tape with-" 

"What!?" I yell and stand up in confusion. 

"How does that involve you?" She asks him while signaling me to take a seat. 

"Niall is my best mate," he glances over at me, giving me a cold stare. 

"What is that about the tape?" She asks looking at me and shaking her head. 

"Its all over the internet," 

"Is this true?" They both turn to me. 

"No," I shake my head furiously, tears blurring my vision. 

"Ryan you have an hour detention afterschool for being disrespectful towards another student, you may leave," she hands him a red slip. 

He takes it and leaves the office, slamming the door behind him. I wiggle in my seat, my bum numb from sitting here for a long period without moving. 

"We have to call the police so they can investigate who made that video and if its you and Harry, as you well know pornography is something we do not allow," she explains. I sigh in relief and nod understandingly. 

"You may leave, but you have an hour if detention afterschool as well for attempting to harm another peer," she hands me a red slip just like Ryan's. 

"Okay thank you," I stand up and give her a half smile. She returns it and I leave. 


I open the door to the detention room and take a seat all the way at the back, being the last one to get here I had no choice. 

"Okay students quiet down, you have an hour of detention in here starting in 30 seconds. No talking, no using electronics, no touching each other and no moving out of your seats," Mr. Haafman explains. He takes his hat from the front desk and leaves the room. 

Dumb teachers, they think that we'll be good enough to not talk if they're aren't present. 

The room erupts in different conversations. I put my elbow on the desk and rest my cheek on my hand.

"Hey," I hear that voice again, from beside me. I groan and turn my head around to see him. 

"What do you want Ryan?" I ask - annoyed. 

A/N: Oh crap, a sex tape? 

Who uploaded that? 

What does Ryan want? 

What is going on between Emma and Harry? 

Will Sky and Harry ever get break? 

Comment, like, favorite and become a wonderful fan. :]] 

Lots of love, 

YR Linares. xo 

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