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Marcel was always the bullied one in school, least popular and no girl would ever wish to be with him. However, that is about to change when Sky Brown moves into Jelano High School for senior year...READ TO FIND OUT MORE! (:


36. Chapter Thirty-Six: The Plan

Chapter Thirty-Five: The Plan.  


"What!?" I ask in disbelief. 

"We were talking yesturday, and he told me he was planning something against somebody, he called it revenge," he explains. 

"But why?" I ask.

"I think its pretty obvious, he still likes you and he's jealous that Harry can have you, but he can't," 

"I know, but I thought we were cool," I say. 

"He was probably making you think that so that when you found out about the tape, he would be the last one you would have suspected of," his explanation makes sense, I just can't believe sweet, little Niall would do something like that. 

"Wow," I whisper. 

"Just relax, we'll need proof before saying its really him," 


"Let's watch the tape?" He asks . 


"Because maybe its him and Emma on it." 



"I can't beleive I just watched porn," I groan. 

"That was disgusting," he nods agreeably. 

"Well, I could tell the guy in the tape has a Niall does," I say. 

"Yeah I noticed that too,"

"Now what?" I ask. 

"We have to trick him into confessing he did it," 

"And how will we do that?" 

"With a plan," he says with a big smirk. 


"Bye RyRy, I have to go," I hug him and peck his cheek, standing up from his bed. My bum is sore from sitting there for like two hours, but it was worth it. His plan is very wise, I know that for sure it'll work. 

"Goodbye Sky," he smiles at me. We walk out to my car, after me saying my goodbyes to his parents. 

"Bye bye," I hug him one last time and climb into my car. I see him waving like a maniac at me as I reverse into the road. He's so weird, I can't believe that I've known him for a day know and I trust him so much. 


"Home sweet home!" I fall unto my bed, making my body sink into it and then popping back up. I close my eyes in enjoyment, today was full of freaking drama. I'm so tired! My eyelids feel extremely heavy, as I fight the urge to pass out and walk over to my bathroom and brush my teeth, doing my bussiness afterwards. 

I fall back into my bed, and finally let my eyes close. 


When morning comes, I shift a little in my bed, making myself more comfortable since I know I have to get up from school soon. However, I move too much and end up falling on the floor head first. I scowl at the touch of my face with the wooden floor and stand up, rubbing my temples. 

I  change into a pair of white skinny jeans, a black tank top and a light pink varsity jacket on top with some simple black Vans. 


I reach for my phone that's on my bedside table, and read the text. 

From Haz<3: Can you let me explain? Please. xx 

I twist my mouth, my eyebrows drew together in thought. Should I give him a chance to explain? 

To Haz<3: Whatever. 

Immidiately, I recieve a reply.

From Haz<3: Pick you up in ten. 


I rapidly shove my phone in my back pocket and run into the kitchen. I make myself a quick, healthy bowl of cheerios and finish them rather fast. 

Just as I gulp down the last bit of my milk, a knock is heard. I put down my plate on the table, and go to open the door.

"Goodmorning love," Harry smiles down at me, his tall structure hovering over mine. 

"Hey," I half smile and walk outside, pushing him gently and closing the door behind me. 


"Let's go," I interupt him and walk ahead of him, to the elevator. 


The ride consisted of me looking out the window, catching him stealing glances at him, actually not catching him, because I was staring at him intently from my peripheral vision. 

"Thanks for the ride," I open the door and get off. 

"Hold on!" He jumps out of his side and runs over to mine. 

"Okay, say whatever you want. You have five minutes, five minutes only Harold," I cross my arms over my chest tap my foot impatiently. 

"Not here, follow me," he takes my hand and pulls me behind the school, under the bleachers. 

"I'm so, so sorry. Please forgive me Sky. Emma threatened me on Monday, saying that if I didn't have sex with her that night she would spread the word that I used to abuse her, you know how much that would of affected me? I said no, and then her threats kept getting worse and worse so I finally agreed. After one night she still kept threatening me. She wouldn't stop, so last night when you saw.. I just want to say it was all her. Its her plan of trying to get at me. 

She texted you saying it was over, it wasn't me. I love you so much Sky, it felt like a million knifes were being stabbed in my chest when you told me we were done. Let's just please get over it, I love you Sky. I truly, madly, deeply love you with all of my heart. 

Don't let this get into our relationship. I'm pleading, begging you to take me back," he gets in one knee and pulls out a mood ring out of his pocket. 

"Okay Harry, I believe you," He spreads out his arms wide, waiting for my embrace. Hesitantly, I run into his arms, my legs wrapping around his waist as my arms around his neck.

"I love you," I cry into his neck. He scratches circles unto my head soothingly and hugs me tighter.

"I love you too," his voice cracks. Did I just make Harry cry? I pull away to look at his face, and sure enough he has tears flooding down his cheeks. I kiss them away lovingly and press my forehead against his.

He flashes his signature smirk at me, taking my hand and slipping the ring into my pointing finger, without breaking eye contact. 

"You're mine forever," he glances down at our now entertwined hands, and then back at you. My eyes water, and I stare at his lips. They are looking so pink and kissable right now. He slowly leans in, his arms wrapping around my waist instinctively. 

"Kiss me already," I pull his face  towards mine roughly, making our lips touch. Just like all of our kisses, it sent shockwaves throughout my body. 

I loved this boy, I really did. 

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