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Marcel was always the bullied one in school, least popular and no girl would ever wish to be with him. However, that is about to change when Sky Brown moves into Jelano High School for senior year...READ TO FIND OUT MORE! (:


39. Chapter Thirty-Nine: Second Visit to the Hospital

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Second Visit to the Hospital. 


When I walk in my apartment, I find a total mess. The couch is flipped over upside down, the tables are on the ground, frames and vases were  thrown across the room. The wooden floor is covered in pieces of glass making it hard to pass through. The wallpaper is ripped off the walls, laying on the ground. 

I notice a note with writing on it stuck on the wall , I walk over to it and yank it off the surface. 

'You can run, but you can't-'

"Hide," a raspy voice says creepily from from behind me. I turn around slowly, only to be met by Emma's dark blue ones. 

"If I can't have him, no one will," before I can understand what's going on - her clenched fist flew up to my cheek. I feel backwards unconscious, afraid of what will occur next.


I'm awaken by the all too familiar, beeping noise. I rub my eyes, opening them and glancing at myself. I have burns all over my arms and legs, my wrists are sliced up, my legs are full of bruises and my head is aching a lot. Well, my whole body is, and my lip is busted. 

"Oww," I mutter. 

"Sky?" A curly haired boy sits up and looks at me. The corners of his mouth turn upwards, forming a smile at the sight of me. 

"Hey?" I say, coming out as a question.  

"What do you mean?" He asks. 

"Who are you?" I ask with eyebrows raised. I have no idea who I am, what's my name, who he is and why I'm here. 

"W-what?" He asks in disbelief.

"Who are you?" I repeat harshly. 

"I'm your boyfriend.." A tear slips his eye and rolls down his already tear stained face. 

"Oh I'm sorry," I say softly and look down. He's my boyfriend? Well, he is cute. 

"You seriously don't remember?" 

"No," I shake my head. Bad idea, it started hurting more. 

"I-I can't believe you..forgot..everything," be began to sob. I move over in the hospital bed to create some space for him, and pat it. 

"Come sit," I suggest. He looks at me and then at the bed and lays down beside me. 

"I'm sure I'll remember somehow," I try to call him down. He cries into my ugly, white hospital robe while I embrace him and play with his curls. 

"Ms. Brown, you have to stay here until Tuesday to regain your strength. You suffered from several burns on your skin, bruises and a hard hit on the head causing temporarily memory loss. Do you have any idea what might have happened to you?" A nurse interupts us. 

The boy pulls away and wipes all of his tears.

"No not at all," I frown. 

"Its all right, " she smiles and leaves a plastic wrapped neon green toothbrush, a white towel and a red hair brush on the bedside table. 

"I figured you'd need these," she says politely. 

"Thank you," I smile back at her. 

"No problem," she leaves closing the door behind her. 

"What if you tell me about yourself? I might remember somethings," I suggest turning around to face him. 

He nods and swallows hard, holding back the tears. 

"My name is Harry Styles. I'm 19. I like math, singing and having fun. I'm in a boyband, One Direction and am currently doing well. I used to dress up as Marcel Styles, the nerd, to finish high school without any 'complications,'" he does bunny ears with his long, thin fingers at that word. 

"My birthday is on Feburary 1st and last but not least, I love kittens," he finishes with a big smile. Aww, he's so adorable!..And MY boyfriend. 

"Awwww," I squeal. 

"What?" He chuckles. 

"You're just so perfect," I smile. 

"That's what you always tell me," he said matter-of-factly. 

"'Cause you are," I wink. 

"You're food Ms. Brown," the nurse decides to interupt our conversation once more. I mentally groan. 

"Thanks," I smile fakly. What? I was enjoying my convo with what's his name...Harry. We were actually just flirting, but you know.

"Sky, do you need anything?" She waves a hand in front of my face. I zoned out, oh god. Harry must think I'm a weirdo. But maybe not because he already knows me since we are going out and-

"Babe," Harry wraps an arm around my waist, snapping me out of my thoughts. 

"Sorry. Umm no I'm okay thank you," I answer. She nods and leaves again..for long I hope. 

"Harry?" I ask. 

"Yes?" He turns his attention towards me. I bite my lip and fiddle with my fingers. 

"Yes?" He repeats, now with worry in his face. 

"Did I really love you?" I ask. His face drops, and his face saddens. 

"Yeah," he nods slowly. 

"I'm going to try my best to remember everything again okay? I can tell you really love me and that I loved you too," I smile at him. He chuckles and hugs me tight. 

"I love you," he mumbles. 


"I'LL GET IT VERONICA!!!!" I yell as I ran by her door. We always do that to each other. Even if the other isn't home.

"Hey Haz," I wrap my arms around his neck.

"Someone's happy to see me," he chuckles. I can feel his chest's vibration as he chuckles.

"I just missed you so bloody much," I gave him kisses on his cheek repeatidly.

"Can you forgive me? Please Sky, I was being such a jerk. You were there for me since the beginning and I realized that too late and I think I-I think I might...,"

"You might what?" I curiously ask - tempting him by slowly running my fingers down his toned stomach.

"I," he whispers. My hand drops and my heart stops in my chest.

"I love you too," I look up at his beautiful green orbs as a cheeky smile spreads across his amazing features. 

*End of Flashback* 

That was the first time he told me that he loved me. Suddenly, flashbacks of every little moment in my life flood through my head. All of the little things. (little things (': No? Okay.) 


"I love you too," I say. 

"What?" He pulls away and looks at me with hopeful eyes. 

"I remember now," 

"Oh god Sky. I missed you," he embraces me in a bone crushing hug. 

"I'm tired," I yawn as I look out the window, at the busy city streets. Its dark outside, only lights shining through windows can be seen, making it a wonderful sight . 

"Oh okay, goodnight my angel," he kisses my forehead and gets up from the bed. 

"Don't," I hold his wrist to hold him back from leaving. 

He looks down at me and smiles, shaking his head. 

"Okay babe," he lays down next to me and hums in  my ear. I kiss his soft lips and close my eyes. Listening to his beautiful voice. 

His arms wrapped around my body, making me feel safe and my heart pumping wildly - I felt completed. 

I felt as if to him, I was the only girl in the world. That's how much we love each other. 



Will Ryan and Sky trick Niall into confessing he helped Emma? 

What will Emma think of Niall now? 

Will she ever trust him again? 

Also, a BIG shout out to AmazingAshMS. I made a small competition of whoever guessed my age, won a shout out. 

Wanna know my age? 

Comment your guess! I'll say my age on the next update. Probably tommorrow. ;) 

Thank you for reading. <3 

Lots of Love, 

YR Linares .xo

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