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Marcel was always the bullied one in school, least popular and no girl would ever wish to be with him. However, that is about to change when Sky Brown moves into Jelano High School for senior year...READ TO FIND OUT MORE! (:


30. Chapter Thirty: Double Date Part Two.

Chapter Thirty: Double Date Part Two. 


I wake up to several heavy pounds on the front door. Sheesh, rude much? I stand up from my very, comfortable position on the couch; face buried in the cushion, half my body on the couch and the other half on the floor, and drool escaping my parted lips. 

"I'll get it-!" I yell, stopping myself since Veronica isn't here with me anymore. I pull open the door and meet Harry's deep green eyes. 

"Hello," I look down at his perfect body. He is wearing a white t-shirt, black blazer, red converse and holding a red rose with both hands stretched out in front of him. 

"Oh gosh, you're so amazing," I take the rose, bringing it up to my nose and inhaling the lovely smell. 

"Thank you," I get on my tip-toes and peck his lips. 

"Come in," I push open the door wider, with my foot and gesture for him to go inside. He smiles at me and walks past me, sitting on my sofa. 

Right then, The Wanted Life show's song came on. Harry turns to look at me with wide eyes and then back at the tv. I run over to the couch, frantically searching for the tv remote, finding it and switching the tellie off. 

"Sorry," I giggle. 

"Were you watching that?" He asks seriously. 

"No, I was watching Keeping up with the Kardashians, but I fell asleep and then you came and woke me up and then I let you in and that's when they decided to get you all mad-" Harry stops my blabbering by smashing his lips on mine. 

I wrap my arms around his neck, causing his strong pair of arms to find their way around my waist. I pull away out of breathe, and smile up at him. 

"That was a nice way to tell me to shut up," I laugh. 

"I'd do it again," he flashes his cheeky grin and winks at me. My cheeks flush and I shake my head. 

"No, I have to get dressed." I rush to my room, running around my bedroon looking for a casual, nice outfit to wear for our date. I finally find something suitable, and that will go with Harry's red converse. 

I put on a red crop top, that shows off my belly button, some white jeans and silver ankle boots. I brush my messy hair, making its waves show and apply some red lipstick and a bit of mascara. 


"I'm ready-" I turn around to see Harry leaning on the wall by the doorway, a big smirk on his face. 

"You better close the door before stripping," he chuckles. I walk over to him and smack his arm playfully. 

"Let's go. Niall's probably waiting for us," I take his large hand in my tiny one and we walk out to his car. 


Harry pulls over and runs to my side. He opens the door for me, like a gentleman, I thank him and climb out. 

(This part ^^^^ reminded me of the song Made in the USA by Demi Lovato) 

"You look absolutely amazing tonight," Harry whispers in my ear as we both walk inside. 

"So I looked like crap the last couple of days?" I ask. 

"No I mean.. Its like.. You don't understand what I meant.." He stutters, reminding me of old, geeky Marcel. 

For some unknown reason, my heart starting pounding faster. 

"Hey guys, over here!" Niall waves his arm above his head like a little kid in the sight of Harry and I. 

"Hey," I smile and hug him. 

"Hi," I smile at Maddie as well and give her a hug. Harry gives Niall a manly hug and then he gives Maddie a quick, brief hug.

"Let's go order," Harry suggests. Niall's face lights up like a little kid on christmas, his eyes sparkling like I've never seen before. What's up with this guy and food? 

"Leggo!" Maddie laughs when she sees Niall's expression. We walk over to the cashier and order our food. 

We wait by the front counter, for our food while talking about random stuff. Getting to know Maddie some more. 

"Niall!" The lady announces our order. Niall picks up the tray with food and makes a dash to the booth we were sitting on before. 

"Food!" We watch as he hungrily grabs his share and takes spoonfuls. 

"Oh gosh," I saw as we walk over to him. 


Once we're done eating, we just sit there and talk. 

"So do you have any siblings?" I ask. 

"Yeap, I have a twin sister, her name's Lily," she smiles. (Franta Girl, I decided to add her because she's such a devoted  fan of my stories <3 ) 

"You have a twin?" I ask, surprised. 

"Yes, we don't look alike though," she explains. 

"Oh." The night goes on by, and soon its time to go. Maddie is really interesting and friendly. 

"I think we gotta hit the hay," I smile at Niall and Maddie - signaling that it was time to go. 

"Okay," Niall stands up, pushing Maddie's chair back for her.

"Come on babe," Harry turns over to me. I stand up from the chair, taking Harry's hand. 

"I had so much fun tonight. Thanks for inviting us," When we get to the entrance, I hug Maddie and Niall. 

"No, thank you for coming," Maddie says sweetly. 

"Okay, night!" I say and turn around - hand in hand with Harry. 

"I love you so much, its not even funny," I rest my head on his shoulder. 

"I love you too baby, trust me I do," he kisses the top of my head and picks me up on his arms. He runs over to his car whilst carrying me bridal style, earning stares from people walking by. 

"Aww," I kiss him as he puts me down on the passenger seat. He pulls away, smiling like an idiot, my idiot, and runs over to the driver's seat. 


Harry finally pulled up at my house. I felt a little dissapointed, I had so much fun tonight. In our ride home, we were jamming out to the radio. 

"Bye love," he kisses me, snaking his arms around my waist and pulling my body against his. 

"Goodnight geek," I smile and pull away. I turn around towards the elevator, but before I take a step, I turn around and say something I've loved to say to him since a long time. 

"I love you.. My geek," I wink and turn around, entering the elevator doors, not even hearing his response. 

It was true, I LOVE my geek, Harry Styles. 


Got the feels while writing this. Also, I decided to add FrantaGirl to the story. She's so awesome!!! If you're reading this, Connor is so cute! I barely saw one of his videos yesturday, should I be ashamed of myself? :/ You can have him though, he's all yours. XD 

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