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Marcel was always the bullied one in school, least popular and no girl would ever wish to be with him. However, that is about to change when Sky Brown moves into Jelano High School for senior year...READ TO FIND OUT MORE! (:


16. Chapter Sixteen: Cheaters

Chapter Sixteen: Cheaters? 

I arrive at school and go in. People turn around and stare at me, some saying mean things, but I could give less of a crap. 

"Sky! Sky!" Bailey runs over to me breathing furiously with her hands on her knees and head hung low. 

"What's up?" I ask, completely unexpecting what was going to come out of her mouth after. 

"I saw Harry kissing Emma," she blurts out. At that moment, I swear the world stops around me. 

"What?" I ask, already afraid of her answer. 

"In the girl's restroom," she nods, "I'm so sorry, but he's not worth it." 

"Thanks for telling me," I give her a small smile and rush to the restrooms. I push open the door to see nobody in there. Then I heard a horrible sound. 

"Mmm Harry you know exactly how to make me feel good," I hear Emma's voice come from one of the stalls. My heart felt as if it had been ripped out of my chest and I've been stabbed multiple times. I was heart-broken. 

"HARRY STYLES WE ARE OVER!" I yell and run out of there. I wasn't going to cry. That man whore wouldn't get to me. I walk into my first class, Art and sit down in the front seat. I will not break anymore than I am. 


"Sky why won't you talk to me?" Harry sits next to me on the table looking upset. Psshh. 

"You know exactly why?" I answer not looking at him and ignoring him as if he didn't exist. 

"No I don't he says putting his hand on my thigh. I slap him and get up. I throw my tray away and walk out of the school. 


I got home and threw my pennyboard and backpack on the floor ran to my room and locked myself in there. I don't know why I have so many drama in my life. What did I do to deserve this? 

I sit on my bed and look at my tv blankly. 

*One hour later of doing NOTHING -.-* 

I sit up and go to the restroom, I really had to pee. Like REALLY BAD. I do my buissness then wash my hands. I notice something shiny sitting on the edge of the bath tub. A blade. Should I? 

I slowly stand up and exit the bathroom, no I will not harm myself. Harry isn't going to be the person to cause cuts in my flesh. I sit on my bed again and turn the tv. I put netflix and decide to watch Standing Ovation. Hey, don't judge! I love that movie! 


"Wake up bitch," Veronica shakes me gently. 

"Ugh what!?" I hiss. 

"You have a visitor," she winks and walks out of my room. How the fudge did she come in? It was locked! :O 

I open the door and walk out. I hear the doorbell ring and go answer it. I slowly open it without looking at who it is first. I open it wide and I DID NOT expect to see that person there.. 


Woah! Who do you think paid her a little visit? ;) 

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