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Marcel was always the bullied one in school, least popular and no girl would ever wish to be with him. However, that is about to change when Sky Brown moves into Jelano High School for senior year...READ TO FIND OUT MORE! (:


6. Chapter Six: Behind Those Thick Glasses

Chapter six: Behind Those Thick Glasses

I got my penny board from my locker and rode it home. 

"Sky come in here!" Veronica yells at me from her bedroom as I  walk in the front door. I close it behind me and place my penny board next to my bike. 

"Yeah Verry?" I walk into Veronica's room and sit next to her on the bed. 

"I got a scholarship for a really good college and its a once in a lifetime opputtinity so.." 

"You're leaving?" I ask. 

"Yeah, its starts next Monday," she sighs. 

"Its okay, as long as its for something good then you can go don't worry about me," I smile. 

"How about the apartment? Will you be able to pay the rent every month?" She asks thoughtfully. 

"Umm..I can ask someone to move in with me," I suggest. 

"Thank you," she wraps her arms around me. I do the same. I am really going to miss her. 

"I better get packing," she pulls away. 

"Yeah I better go do my homework and then I have a photoshoot," I say standing up. 

"Okay babes," she smiles. I smile back at her and go into my room. I had math, science and english worksheets. I finish those and then decide to leave on what I am wearing for the photoshoot. They dress me there and do my make up so whatever. 

"Verry I'm taking the car!" I yell loud enough for her to hear and grab the keys from the coffee table. We share a car, which he had bought with both of our money. Veronica works at a Forever 21 store in the mall for now, 'cause she wants to be a teacher, and I am a model. 

I began modeling because I wanted to confident about myself. It is kind of working, but I'm still a little insicure. I press the elevator button and the doors open. I walk inside and then press the elevator button, again. I feel it go down and the doors open. I step out and jog to my car. It was a white Nissan Maxima. Not too fancy. 

I got in the car and turned  it on. My Ed Sheeran cd was in blast. I lowered it a little and began driving. 

Marcel's POV 

I got home and kick off my shoes. I sit on the sofa and take out my homework. I finish it rather quickly and walk in the kitchen to have a snack. 

"Hello Haz, how was school?" My mum greets while slicing a carrot. 

"It was okay, I made a friend," I say. She stops cutting and turns around and hugs me. 

"Oh my gosh! I'm so glad little boy!" She pulls away and I grab a yogurt from the refridgerator. 

"So what's your friend's name?" My mum asks. 

"Sky Brown," I say opening the yogurt and throwing the lid in the trashbin. 

"Oh its a girl?" My mum shakes her eye brows up and down at me, but goes back to cutting. 

"Muuum," I groan as I walk back to the sofa and sit down. 

"Honey you have the photoshoot, remember?" She calls out. 

"Crap," I bolt up finishing my yogurt and run to my room. I take off my nerdy clothes and put on a pair of black pants, white v-neck, white converse and shake my head so my curls are loose. I spray on some perfume and run downstairs. I grab my keys and walk to my car.

So as you see, I'm not really who I am behind those thick glasses. I'm a pop star. I'm in the band One Direction, I just fake being a geek so I can finish high school and feel how it feels to be a senior you know? 



Candy hands me a cute pink dress and tells me to change into it. I nod and go into the changing room. I strip out of my clothes and put it on. I look like a tottal barbie in this. 

It was tight from the waist up, showing some cleavage, but not enough to call me a whore, and fell down to my mid thigh poofy. I turn around to look at my bum. Hey, don't judge me! Everyone does that! xD 

I walk out and go to the make up room. A lady puts white powder so my face looks like plastic, like a barbie and she painted two stitches lines on both corner of my mouth going upwards so it looks like I was stitched up. And last, but not least, my hot pink lipstick. She re-did my eyes, to make them look bigger. She put on some thick  white eye liner on the both top and bottom and fake eyelashes. 

"Done!" She smiles and puts down the tube of glue for eyelashes. She turns the chair around so I face the mirror. I look like a doll! Its freaky! I giggle and jump out of the chair. 

"Sky! Come on, your turn!" Becky, my manger, shouts at me. I run over to her and she takes me to a room where they'll be taking my pictures. 

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