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Marcel was always the bullied one in school, least popular and no girl would ever wish to be with him. However, that is about to change when Sky Brown moves into Jelano High School for senior year...READ TO FIND OUT MORE! (:


1. Chapter One: First Day of School

Chapter One: First Day Of School 

I walk down the busy, crowded hallway of my new school. As I uncomfortably walk through the stares, I recieve some winks, death glares and pushes. New school, new people, new friends and new bullies. Yaaayyy!! (Not -.-) 

I look down at my outfit. Short jean shorts with red suspenders, white t-shirt and red Toms. My hair was in a half pony tail with my loose strands in curls. I stare at my curves and sigh. At my old school I was being bullied for my weight. 

I felt worthless and started taking weight-lose pills. I over took them and ended up at the hospital. I still wanted to loose weight so every night from then on I threw up into a toilet. I never let my food go down. I ran into the nearest bathroom and let it all out, which resulted in bad nutrition. I'd take vitamin pills to keep me standing, my bones felt like they would break in half any second. I shudder at the thought. At least I was skinny now. Maybe I would get no bullies. 

I cross my fingers, I really hope so. I reach the office and knock on the door. 

"Come in!" I hear a lady say. I open the door and walk in. 

"Hey, umm...I'm new here?" I say, making it sound more like a question. 

"Oh yes, Sky Brown?" I nod as she hands me my timeline. 

"Thank you," I mutter. I took a look at my classes. I have art for first period. I turn around to go to my first class before I'm late. 

"Oh wait! I'll have a student show you around," I turn back around and smile at her. 

"Layla!!" She shouts. A girl with orange hair, pale, glowing skin wearing a red flowy dress with black squared glasses balancing on her tiny nose comes out from the back door. 

"Yes Ms. Hammock?" She says in a almost a whisper. 

"Show her to her classes today, she's a new student," Ms. Hammock says while filling out some papers on her desk. Layla smiles at me and walks over. 

"Hey, my name is Layla," her boney arms wrap around my arms in an awkward hug.

"Sky," I smile.

"Let's get to class before we're late," she grins and opens the office door for me. I smile back at her, showing her my gold colored braces. I walk out to the hallway with her closely behind, gently closing the door behind her. 

"Towards that way," she points. I follow her finger and walk down the hall. I recieve several wolf whistles from perverts, but ignore them. We turn a corner, chatting away and I notice a couple of guys in football jerseys surrounding something on the ground. 

"What's going on?" I ask Layla. 

"Bullies," was the only response I got. Were they bullying somebody? My eye brows cross together and I make my way to the group. As I approach it I hear whimpers and I see a boy with a brown, white, black and red vest, a white long sleeve shirt and black pants on the floor clutching his stomach. 

"Move you idiots!!" I yell and push my way through the guys. I reach the guy and notice his glasses beside him, snapped in two. I pick them up and clutch them in my hand, causing my knuckles to turn white. I was angry, furious. I turn to the jocks who were hurting the boy and throw the glasses at one of their faces. The rest laughed and said things like. 

"Hit by a girl!" 

"Are you okay?" I turn to the boy lying on the ground with a black eye. 

"Y-Y-Yeah I'm p-perfectly f-fi-fine ," he stutters as he tries to stand up. I stop him by suddenly hugging him out of nowhere. I just felt really bad for him. I was once in his place so I knew how it felt like. He awkwardly wrapped his arms around my small body - making me feel safe. 

"Sorry," I pull away and help him stand up. 

"So what's your-" I got cut off by Layla. 

"Hey Marcel," she smiles and hugs him lightly. He hugs back. 

"So your name's Marcel?" I smile. 

"Y-Y-Yeah," he says nervously. 

"I love that name," I smile wide at him.

"Thanks," he replies shyly.

"Howcome you didn't do anything to stop them?" I turn to Layla. 

"We're just the nerds here, they would've bullied me too," she looks at the ground. 

"Well you guys are more than that," I say. 

"Friends?" I ask. Marcel's face lit up as I said that. 

"Friends," they said in unision. We group hug and walk to first class. 

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