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Marcel was always the bullied one in school, least popular and no girl would ever wish to be with him. However, that is about to change when Sky Brown moves into Jelano High School for senior year...READ TO FIND OUT MORE! (:


44. Chapter Forty-Four: Adventure Land Part Two

Chapter Forty-Four: Adventure Land Part Two. 


"Give me some cotton candy!" I cross my arms over my chest and pout. 

"Don't give me that face!" Layla put up her hand to shield her vision of me and turns her head away slightly. 

"Pweaaase?" I beg, dragging out the 'e' sound. 

"For god's sake, just give her the damn candy," Bailey snatches the blue cotton candy from Layla's grip and hands it to me. 

"Hey That's not fair!" Layla's eyebrows knit together. 

"Mmm," I purposely moan as I stuff a big piece of the cotton candy into my mouth. 

"Ugh!" Layla groans and slaps my arm playfully making Bailey and I laugh. 

"Oh my god! Let's go on the log ride," Layla forgets all about the candy and grabs both of our wrists, dragging us to the ride. 

"I'll go on the front," I announce as we form a line in back of about a hundred other people. 

"Aww! Okay, I'll just go behind you," Bailey says. 

"And I'll go on the leftover seat," Layla sighs. Bailey and I enthusiastically high five each other while grinning like idiots. 

•Three Years Later•  


•Just Kidding, An Hour Later• 

"Step unto the boat ladies," the girl says in monotone. Wow, she must really love her job. 

"Yaaaay!!" Layla cheers and hops on the end of the log. Bailey and I take our places and the boat begins to float away. 


I twist and squeeze my hair letting water droplets fall unto the dry cement, floor. 

"That was soooo awesome!" Bailey shouts as she fist pumps the air.

"I'm soaking," I look down at my drenching clothes. 

"Look at our picture," Layla starts laughing like a dumbass, making people passing by give us weird looks. Bailey and I curiously walk over to her. 

My mouth and eyes are wide open, Bailey's eyes are shut and her mouth is cringed up in total fear, Layla has her hands up in the air with a big smile on her face. 

"How did you not get scared?" I ask her. She shrugs. 

"Let's go to the teacups now," Bailey pulls my arm. Layla and I both groan, but follow her lead. 


We're back on the road, going back home after a long day of fun. 

"It was the best song ever.
It was the best song ever. 
It was the best song ever," 

We sang along to One Direction. 

"Isn't it weird listening to your boyfriend sing on the radio?" Bailey taps my arm. I'm on the passenger seat now and she's on the back seat. 

"Nah, I got used to it," I laugh. 

"We're here," Layla announces. 

"Ugh I'm so tired," I jump off of her car.

I race Bailey to the front door, bring the childish dweebs we are. 

"Hold on, I'll open it. My parents are asleep," Layla walks over to us.

"All right," Layla turns the key in the keyhole and Bailey pushes the door open. 

"Shhh..they're asleep," Layla warns us. We tip-toe inside, making our way right to Layla's bedroom. 

"Goodnight bitches I'm tired," I give them the peace sign and hop on the king size bed. Layla and Bailey later join, forming a sandwhich around me. 

"Goodnight," Bailey mumbles sleepily. 

"Night," Layla smiles. 

I close my eyes and soon drift into sleep. 

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