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Marcel was always the bullied one in school, least popular and no girl would ever wish to be with him. However, that is about to change when Sky Brown moves into Jelano High School for senior year...READ TO FIND OUT MORE! (:


40. Chapter Forty: New Family

Chapter Forty: New Family. 


"Morning," My eyes flutter open to see a wide smiling, curly haired, boy's face hovering over mine. 

"Goodmorning," I peck his lips. 

"Want some breakfast? There's a McDonalds downstairs," he stands up and rubs his eyes. 

"Yeah please," He nods and leaves the room. My eyes wander around the hospital room - landing on my cellphone sitting on the bedside table. I slowly and carefully stretch my hand out to grab it, afraid I might hurt myself. 

I finally reach the white, squared object and take it on both hands. 

Three unread text messages. 

From Layla: Wassup chica? 
From Layla: Wanna kick it today? 

From Liam: Hey Skaaii (: Veronica called me and asked me if I knew where you were. She tried skypying you, but you wouldn't answer. Is Haz with you too? He didn't come back home last night. xx

I instantly press on reply and text Layla back first. 

To Layla: I can't, sorry. How about Wednesday? Sorry again. :( 

To Liam: Really? Umm.. I'm at the hospital :/ .. And yes Harry is here. He won't leave my side. xD I swear that boy is so perfect. <3 Anyyyywho, can you let her know I'm all right? Thank Leeyuum. (: 

I press on send and put my phone to sleep. I place it beside me and just stare at the wall blankly. 

"I'm baaaaaaaack," Harry sang as he enters the room with a big bag that read McDonalds. He sits on a stool, scooting it closer to the right side of my bed and putting the bag on my bed. I click the button on it, making the upper part sit up so I don't have to and we dig in our food. 

When we're done, I fall back on the cushion and close my eyes while rubbing my belly. 

"You look so cute doing that," Harry flirts. I open my eyes and roll them at his cheekily comment.

My phone vibrates, causing me to quickly pick it up and unlock it. 

From Layla: Its ight. Wednesday for sure babes. I gtg. Love you .xx

To Layla: Thanks, bye!xo

I put it back down and glance up at Harry who is staring at me intently. 

"Take a picture, it'll last longer," I joke. He shrugs and pulls out his phone from his pocket. I cover my face with my hand, but its too late. Before I can cover up, I hear the snap of the camera. 

"Oh gosh," I puff. 

"Hey, you told me too," he flutters his eyelashes, sticking out his bottom lip. I laugh at his adorable puppy dog face and smack his chest. 

"When may I leave?" I ask. 

"Tommorrow at 12" 

"Ugh okay," I throw my head back with a groan. 

"Its for your own good," he lectures. 

"Whatever," I mutter. 


"WHAT HAPPENED? IS EVERYTHING OKAY? WHAT'S WRONG WITH BOTH IF YOU? WE WERE WORRIED SICK!" Liam bursts in through the door with a red, tear stained face. He shrieks when he sees me and runs over to my side hugging me tightly. 

"Watch. The. Back." I mumble breathless. 

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me I'm so stupid," he pulls away with fresh tears shining in his chocolate brown eyes. 

"Its okay no worries," I give him another quick hug. 

"Skyyy !" Niall runs in the room with Zayn and Louis behind him. Just as Liam, you could tell they had been crying too. 

"Awww boys," I stick out my arms for a group hug. They stumble over and later on Harry gives in and joins the hug. 

"We're a family now," Zayn croaks. Awww Zaynie is crying! 

"Oh my gosh boys. Why are you guys killing me?" I begin to sob tears of happiness. I've never felt so loved in my life. They pull away and take their places around my bed. I feel uncomfortable under their stares, squirming a little. 

"you look awful," Louis blurts out. Liam being Daddy Directioner, smacks the back of his head. 


"Wow thanks," I giggle. 

"You're welcome," he grins. All of us start laughing at him. 

"So when can you leave?" Niall asks once the room grows silent again. 

"Tommorrow," I say sadly. 

"Its okay, its for your own good," Liam scolds. 

"Ugh I know," I groan. 

"Harry, you should've gone to school," Zayn crosses his arms over his  chest while giving Harry a cold stare.

"Howcome Niall didn't go?" He whines. 

"I have cold!" Niall defends. 

"Oh," Says Harry. 

"Go, you'll make it to second period," Liam pushes Harry off the chair. 

"Oww!" Harry chuckles - rubbing his elbow.

Liam kisses it making us all laugh again. 

"There, now go Haz," Liam tells him while pointing at the door. 


"No buts," Zayn wags a finger at him. Harry groans and stomps out the room. Before he's out of sight, he blows me a kiss. I blush and smile at him. He smiles back at walks off. 

"So what now?" Niall asks. 

"Movie?" I suggest. They agree and I turn the telly on to find Let it Shine on Disney Channel. 

"Yaay!" I squeal and turn the volume up. 


The movie has finished and now I'm laying down on the bed, surrounded by four, sleeping, teenage boys snoring loudly. 

"Night boys," I mumble even though they can't hear me and close my eyes. 


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