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Marcel was always the bullied one in school, least popular and no girl would ever wish to be with him. However, that is about to change when Sky Brown moves into Jelano High School for senior year...READ TO FIND OUT MORE! (:


15. Chapter Fifteen: Skatepark with Leeroy

Chapter Fifteen: Skatepark with Leeroy

"Hey Leeroy!" I say into the speaker. I had called by guy bestfriend, from my last school to tell him if we could hang. 

"Hey Sky! Long time no see babes," he responds. 

"I know that's why I called you. Do you wanna kick it?" I ask. 

"Sure when?" 

"Today at the Vans skate park," 

"Cool! Meet you there in an hour?" 

"Alright bye bestie," I smile. 

"Bye," he chuckles. I hang up as I pull up at my apartment building. I turn off the engine and hop out. 

"Hey Sky," Veronica greets from the kitchen. 

"Mmm it smells good watcha cooking?" I ask sniffing the air. 

"Its tuna," She giggles. 

"I'm going to the skate park with Leeroy wanna come?" I ask sitting on the island with my hands on my chin. 

"Awesome! Of course, I hadn't seen him in a looooong time," she says extending the 'o' sound.

"Haha okay, is the food almost ready?" 

"Yeah here you go," she places a plate with a tuna sandwhich im front of me.

"Yummy!" I finish it in five minutes and then wash my plate. 

"Get ready I'm leaving like in ten minutes!" I shout while I run to my room. 

"Okay dipshit!!!" She yells back. Ugh-uh. Nobody calls me a dipshit. I'll get her back later, and good. Muahahaha. ~>:D 

I change into some red shorts with suspenders and a white top. I put on my white Nike hightops and ran downstairs happily. 


"I'm going damn calm yo' titties!" Veronica runs over to me with her skateboard, it is black with the british flag at the back. 

"LEGGOOOO!" I pick up my pennyboard and we're out the door. 

"Aye Leeroy I'm already here," 

"Okay I'm by the restrooms I'll go over right now," 

"Okay bye," I hang up and Veronica and I start skating. 


"Today was a blast!" I tell Veronica as we both plop down on the couch. 

"I know right? Leeroy's gotten better," she says standing up again. 

"Yup," I say popping the 'p'. 

"Okay well I'm out. I really need a shower," she says sniffing her arm pit. She closes her eyes and throws her head back pretending to die. I throw a pillow and she laughs. 

"Goodnight Sky!" She says walking to her room. 

"Night weirdo!" 



I take out my toast from the toaster. I am feeling so freaking tired today! I shuffle over to my backpack and throw it over my shoulder. Veronica was going to an interview for a job at Fashion Outlet, I think it was? Well, I grab my penny board and ride to another long, boring day of school. 

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