The Legend of Zelda; Another Hero

After saving Zelda, Princess of Hyrule, after numerous times, the quest has gotten more dangerous. The king of Hyrule searches through the towns for a companion to help Link through his adventure. No one wanted to volunteer until one girl stepped up, named Lia, who is strong enough to save the beloved one Zelda. Through thick and thin, Link and Lia go through many tribulations, and many monsters to save Miss. Zelda. During the quest Link and Lia grow a bond, which breaks Link's and Zelda's. Read this adventure to find out the exact story...


1. Link's New "Companion"

"Attention, Hyrule Town!" I hear one of The Hyrule King's guards shout.

I look at the window and see the King surrounded by his guards. I turn to my Dad who is behind me finishing up a sword started by his fellow swordsman, and beloved friend, Master Smith. I then see Zelda with one of her guards coming towards our house with Link by her side also.

I run to door to open it for her, I hug her and greet her. Zelda is my best friend, including Link. We have all been friends since we've been young.

"Hi Zelda.  What's going on?" I ask very curious.

Link speaks up. "The King is having a Carnival tomorrow, for Zelda finally being safe and at home for once, so she can enjoy something she loves.

"Alright, that sounds fun!" I reply smiling.

"Yes, indeed." Zelda adds.

 I now see Master Smith coming across the path to my home. I turn ignoring Link and Zelda for one moment. "Dad!" I shout trying to get a hold of my Dad, knowing Master Smith is coming to talk to him. I return to my friends and link arms with Link, Zelda linked on the other side.

"Want to go to the creek?" I ask, us now skipping towards downtown to the water.

Zelda's  guard is still following, him now jogging after us, the three of us giggling. Zelda is 12, I'm 13 and Link is 14. Link and I know how to use swords and take classes at the at the local sword training dojo. We've done minor quests, but Link does all the major quests like when Zelda needs saving. I'm hoping the next time, not hoping for Zelda to be taken, I could go with Link and save her. Being a heroine.

I come out of his hold and pull off my shoes and socks and step onto the rocks, Link following. Zelda is too girly, so she gets her guard to lay out a blanket beside the creek so she can sit and watch us being fools.

I have one foot on one rock, my other on a small one. Skipping to the next stone, I slip, Link catching me, I turn and mouth "thank you" knowing Zelda doesn't like it when we flirt. I balance my self back up and return to the blanket where Zelda is laying. 

"Don't you get me wet, Lia!" She shouts, making sure I won't. 

"I won't princess, I promise." I tease and walk past her and sit beside the blanket on the soft green grass. 

"Link! Your all muddy, don't you think it's time to come out?" Zelda tells him, being overprotective.

"Well, excuse me, Princess..." He says while I am rolling my eyes. Ugghh.

"Whatever. Your loss, you get all dirty and get in trouble." She says now getting up, her guard to pick her up off the ground and 'guard' her up to the castle.

"Bye Zelda" I say waving.

"See you tomorrow!" I hear her call back.

I turn back to the creek and search for Link. He is... missing. I stand up, and put my hand up to my forehead to block the bright sunset. I then feel someone behind push me into the creek. I turn as quick as I can, me now splashing into the cold water.

"LINK!" I scream. He smirks and holds out his hand to boost me up.

He's laughing now, me with a frown on my face. "You... should of.... seen your face!" He says in between his laughing episode. 

"Geez!" I say picking myself back up. 

I climb up onto the grass my hair now soaked and my feet muddy. I walk up to my house water marks following soon after. 

Link is soon following too, taking off his green hat, his bright blonde hair  falling back. I leave on mine, mad and upset. I soon reach my home, Master Smith's right across form ours.

"Goodnight!" Link shouts from across the rocky path. 

"Goodnight... Link!" I say, smirking, trying to keep back a wide smile.

I pop open the door and see Master Smith still here, Link behind me, realizing that too. 

"Lia... Link..." My Dad looks worried.

"There is something wrong at the castle." Master Smith continues. 

"What's wrong?" Link asked his arm now wrapping around my shoulders.

"Zelda, yet again has been kidnapped. Right when she left the creek, Guard Leo was taking the princess home, when someone took Zelda and killed him." My Dad says looking at the nearby golden brown pot.

"Oh no." I whisper covering my mouth. Link's hold strengthens.

Master Smith finishes. "No one knows who, or why, but it's by a new force. Nor Gannon or Vaati, would be the cause. Someone new, someone young, someone powerful." He says anger in his eyes.

He continues. "You two, will have to go find Zelda and defeat this cause or all of Hyrule will be destroyed. Link cannot do this on his own."

I raise my eyebrows. "We need new swords though, our old ones are... you know small." I say.

"The two new swords both Master Smith and I have been working on, have been finished. You two will be the new holders of them." My Dad replies answering my question.

"When will the quest begin?" Link asks loosens his hold. 

"Tomorrow morning Link and Lia. You two will need some sleep and your swords will be ready." Master Smith says.

"Okay, in the morning." I almost shout. I turn to Link. "You should go home and get some sleep too. " I tell him. 

I go upstairs, Link going to his home. I go into to bed and think about what will come. I have 3 full heart containers, including Link, after he turned 14. All I can think about was what if we didn't find enough pieces of heart. Link will know where to find them I think? My thought were churning putting me to sleep.


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