Gwen: A One Direction Fanfiction

My name is Gwen Edwards-Malik, and I'm the daughter of Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. Since my parents broke up when I was a baby, I've been splitting time with my dad and One Direction and my mom and Little Mix for longer than I can remember. This summer, I'll be touring with One Direction. The problems: I can't stand my dad's new girlfriend, and the sheer amount of girls that love my dad and his band is ridiculous.


5. The Little House

Erica owned a little house in Detroit where we'd be staying for that concert. Being honest, I was heavily dreading it.

On the drive there, I found out how Dad and Niall had met Grace and Erica. There was a party in NYC two years ago that Erica was invited to and, since she'd been dumped a few days earlier, brought Grace along instead of a date. Niall and Dad had decided to come along since the initial invitees, Louis and Harry, couldn't. There they met Erica and Grace, and by the time the night was done they had retrieved the phone numbers of a reporter and her friend. Grace and Niall became a couple instantly, but Dad and Erica had taken their time, becoming close friends before becoming a couple just last week.

If it were anyone besides my father and Erica Bones I would've been so happy for them, stating it was like from a fairy tale. But it was my dad and Erica Bones. So the story made me feel like throwing up and never going to another party.

The tour bus rolled up to a tiny, run-down little house on the edge of the Detroit River. One of the second floor's windows was as dirty as they come and some of the shingles had fallen off the roof. I thought she had more money than this. Another con: the state of her house.

"I haven't had any time to fix the place up besides a little indoor painting." her tone was apologetic.

"I noticed." I replied and got a hefty glare from Dad. I shrunk a little into my purple sweater (it was 8 PM on an abnormally cold day. Especially for the first day of summer).

"But I like it like this. I never wanted a fancy house."

Yeah right. If she liked it like this why was she embarrassed by it?

She unlocked the door, which creaked when it was opened. The kitchen had four petbowls and was painted yellow.

"Babies! Mommy's home!"

Four cats came racing in. One was Siamese, one Persian, one a tabby, and one a tuxedo. The tuxedo cat was just a little kitten, probably less than a year old.

"These are Harley, Milkshake, Joker, and Beetlejuice." Erica beamed down at her beloved cats.

Wow, not only was she a lousy journalist, but she was so forever alone for two years that she turned into a crazy cat lady.

Yeah. Definitely not telling her about the little plot to kidnap me for money.

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