Gwen: A One Direction Fanfiction

My name is Gwen Edwards-Malik, and I'm the daughter of Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. Since my parents broke up when I was a baby, I've been splitting time with my dad and One Direction and my mom and Little Mix for longer than I can remember. This summer, I'll be touring with One Direction. The problems: I can't stand my dad's new girlfriend, and the sheer amount of girls that love my dad and his band is ridiculous.


8. Kidnapped

I turned over. As much as I needed sleep this cold night was just impossible. Maybe it had something to do with the chilling fact I was being hunted, but I had been battling long bouts of insomnia since the concerts started.

It was August 3rd. I was now ten years old. We were staying in a cottage by the ocean and out of stubbornness Uncle Harry wouldn't let anyone turn on the heat. Everyone else had long since fallen asleep, Erica's crying fits were over for the night, and I was alone in a room.

Erica had over time gotten me to actually like her, which had made me hate her even more if it's even possible. I know it doesn't make sense. But I was so determined to get away that I was actually considering escaping into the night.

Suddenly, a dark shadow appeared in my doorway. "You up, Gwen?" It was Dad.

"Yeah." I replied. "I can't sleep."

"Neither can I." Dad replied. "Actually, I need to talk to you for a second." He sat down at the foot of my bed.

"What is it?" I asked, my face morphing into a mask of curiosity while on the inside I was thrilled. Was he breaking up with her? I hoped he was breaking up with her.

"I'm going to propose to Erica tomorrow."




"No!" I cried. "No, no, no, no, no!"

I jumped up from the bed, ran out of the room, and ran out into the cold night.

I was immediately grabbed by large, rough, meaty hands and injected with a sleeping serum.

The last words I heard before blacking out were "You're gonna make me some big money, little Gwen.

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