Gwen: A One Direction Fanfiction

My name is Gwen Edwards-Malik, and I'm the daughter of Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. Since my parents broke up when I was a baby, I've been splitting time with my dad and One Direction and my mom and Little Mix for longer than I can remember. This summer, I'll be touring with One Direction. The problems: I can't stand my dad's new girlfriend, and the sheer amount of girls that love my dad and his band is ridiculous.


6. A Secret

My room was right next to Erica's. Dad refused to share a room with her yet, not quite trusting himself with her. I couldn't sleep that first night, so I was just laying awake in bed, staring at the ceiling with its stick-on glow-in-the-dark stars and thinking.

It was around midnight when I heard it.

The walls weren't thick. The house was old, from the 50's at least. I could've easily heard anything leaking in through the rooms on either side, one of which was the office - not a lot to hear there unless you think keyboard clicking is interesting.

There was muffled crying coming from Erica's room.

I thought it'd stop in no time, Erica was a fairly happy person, right? She had a great boyfriend and four adorable cats. But it didn't. She just kept crying.

I was the only other person upstairs. The boys and Grace were all downstairs in the spare bedroom and living room. So if anyone was going to find out, it would have to be me.

I silently crept out of the bedroom and into the hallway.

Her door was ajar. I tiptoed over to her doorway and prayed she wouldn't notice me.

Inside, city lights were flowing in through her window. She hadn't closed the blinds. Erica was hunched over, stroking one of the cats - I couldn't tell which - and sobbing. I didn't understand. She seemed so happy in the day.

I silently slipped back into my room and pulled out my "emergency phone". I was only to use it in dire situations, but hey, it was a Blackberry that was connected to the Internet and I was dying to know if she had anything that happened earlier in life. Maybe that would help.

There was an article about her early life on her website.

My answer lay in a small paragraph that sounded like she wanted to skip it but couldn't.

When she was in ninth grade, two of her best friends had a suicide pact. Erica went into a depression and got out of it with the help of another of her friends. However, that friend had leukemia and was killed just as she was getting out of depression in tenth grade.

It all clicked together. She hadn't recovered from the sadness. I was overcome by pity and had to remind myself she wrote that awful article and all her Cons. I decided to just avoid her instead of making my hate obvious. I also chose not to bring it up, ever, just in case.

She was snoring by the time I fell asleep around one in the morning.

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