Broken Pieces

Rose and Harry used to be inseparable. As Rose's older brother, he always looked out for her and they did everything together - not a secret kept from either of them. But when Harry became famous, he practically forgot about Rose. She didn't even receive a text or call from him on her birthday. What happens when the boys take a break from the tour and all stay in the ginormous house that Rose owns and used to share with Harry? What happened to Rose while Harry was gone? Will things go back to the way they were? Or are there too many broken pieces to put the puzzle back together?


7. Questions

Harry POV

"They've been sitting in the car for ten minutes," I complain as the boys and I peek through the blinds to spy on them - even though the windows are too dark to see through. 

"Here she comes!" Louis exclaims as Rose climbs out of the car. I catch the ending of a kiss and then she makes her way towards the front door. The boys and I race to the front door.

"Where were you?" I ask her as soon as she enters.

"At Jason's house," She answers blandly. 

"Why did you take so long?" Zayn questions her. 

"None of your business," She snaps. She begins to walk away, but I grab her arm and pull her back to me. 

Her gaze shoots to her arm and then up at me, sending a full on glare. "Let go," She growls. I let go of her hand - I guess I was holding on tighter than I thought.

"Why did you take so long?" I repeat Zayn's question.

"None. Of. Your. Business," She says shortly before walking towards her bedroom. I sigh and watch as she climbs the stairs. 

"She needs to break up with him,"  Louis stares after her as well. I hit him without looking towards him.

"So she can be with me," Niall laughs.

"Guys she said we can't claim her," Liam puts in.

"We have to let her decide," Zayn says.

"Even if she wasn't with that bloody cunt I wouldn't allow any of you to date her!" I exclaim, staring daggers at all of them. They all cower slightly, frowning.

"Well she is with that bloody cunt," Niall mumbles, pouting. 

"I know," I grumble, beginning to head back to the living room. The boys follow except for Zayn and Louis. Liam asks to watch a film so I put on Toy Story from his special request. We all relax on the couches and I can't help but thinking how much I missed my sister after all of this time and how I thought I would get a different reaction from her seeing me again. 

-------------------------------------------------------------Author's Note------------------------------------------------------

Hey guys! It looks like this movella is doing fairly well so I'm going to ask for 80 reads and three comments before I update chapter 8. Thanks! Don't forget to like and favourite!

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