Broken Pieces

Rose and Harry used to be inseparable. As Rose's older brother, he always looked out for her and they did everything together - not a secret kept from either of them. But when Harry became famous, he practically forgot about Rose. She didn't even receive a text or call from him on her birthday. What happens when the boys take a break from the tour and all stay in the ginormous house that Rose owns and used to share with Harry? What happened to Rose while Harry was gone? Will things go back to the way they were? Or are there too many broken pieces to put the puzzle back together?


18. Going Out

Rose POV

I was used to having nightmares about Jason but they were never this bad. I woke up and Zayn was right there, comforting me while I cried. He respected that I didn't want to talk about it and then pulled me close to him. I gripped him tightly, not wanting him to leave even if it was to just get me water. "You're safe," He had whispered. And for the first time in three years, I actually felt it.


In the morning, I start to shift but find myself encased in Zayn's arms. That's when I remember what happened at night and look at Zayn. What game is he playing? Why is he doing this? I need to separate myself from him.

I trace the planes of his face with my eyes, lingering my gaze on his lips. I'm looking at his eyelashes when his eyes flutter open, causing my stomach to erupt in butterflies which upsets me. "Good morning," He says.

I tell him that he can't talk about last night and after some convincing he agrees. I say that we should get up and he replies that I could have gotten up if I had really wanted to even though his arms are around me. 

Then suddenly he's out of the bed and leaving my room before I can reply. I sigh and get out of bed, changing from grey sweats to black leggings and then pulling a grey cardigan on over my blue camisole. I shut the door and lock it, going to get my box from it's new place in the bathroom. 

I drag it across my wrist a couple of times, getting rid of my shakiness over the nightmare mixed with Harry finding out about the bruises. When I'm done, I apply some concealer and liner, adding a touch of gloss and then let my curly hair fall loose around my shoulders. 

When I'm done, I head downstairs and grab my car keys. "Where do you think you're going?" Harry asks me.

"Going to get Nandos," I reply.

"Then why are you wearing makeup?" He questions.

"I'm not allowed to wear make up when going out?" I question, opening the front door. 

"Well I'm coming with you," Louis says, coming out of nowhere. I slip on my black Doc Martens and shake my head. 

"If I need to be chaperoned then I choose Zayn," I announce.

"ZAYN!" Harry calls. Zayn walks down the hallway in view. "Go with her to Nandos," Harry says.

"Really?" Zayn asks Harry.

"Yea. Just go. And remember what I said last night," Harry glares at Zayn. Zayn nods, a smile spreading across his face as he follows me out.

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