Broken Pieces

Rose and Harry used to be inseparable. As Rose's older brother, he always looked out for her and they did everything together - not a secret kept from either of them. But when Harry became famous, he practically forgot about Rose. She didn't even receive a text or call from him on her birthday. What happens when the boys take a break from the tour and all stay in the ginormous house that Rose owns and used to share with Harry? What happened to Rose while Harry was gone? Will things go back to the way they were? Or are there too many broken pieces to put the puzzle back together?


6. Don't Mean It *warning sexual content*

Rose POV

"Lay down," He says, still holding the knife. 

"Babe please," I beg him, looking at the knife. 

He straddles me and takes the knife in his hand. With the hand that isn't holding the knife, he puts it over my mouth. "You are always going to remember me," He exclaims, about to stab me.

"Wait." I scream. He lifts up his hand to slap me. "Baby I love you." I say quickly. He looks at me, eyes narrowed and puts the knife on the bedside table. H forces himself into me, smashing his lips on mine. I wrap my arms around his back, kissing him to try and avoid further pain. He pushes in and out of me, more forceful than normal. 

After a while he pulls out. "Blowjob," He demands, laying down. Another tear slides down my cheek as I move down the bed and take his dick in my mouth, moving in and out for a while as he moans. 

When I'm done, he pulls me up to his level. and sits up. I sit up next to him. His face is just as pissed off, but I'm not sure what to expect.  "If you ever do that again, I will kill you," He says, punching my face with all of his strength and then forcing my chin back to look at him. His gaze has softened. 

"I love you Rose," He kisses me, pulling me to lay down with him as he wraps his arms around me. I place my head on his chest.

"I love you too Jason," I've said it to him over a thousand times, and not one time have I meant it. I trace patterns on his stomach for a while and wait for him to calm down. 

"I'm going to use the bathroom," I tell him after a while. He nods and I kiss his cheek before going. Once inside the bathroom I take a look in the mirror - I look absolutely horrible. All of the places that he hit and kicked me at today have bruises already developed. Not to mention all of the bruises from previous times. My whole body looks painted with black and blue, with only a few spots of actual colored skin. 

I use the lou and then head back out to the bedroom where Jason is pulling on his clothes. "I'm meeting up with the guys in an hour. Get dressed," He says. I nod and go downstairs to get my bag. 

Once upstairs again, I pull my clothes back on and then apply concealer to any surface of skin that shows with a bruise. Looking normal again, I head downstairs and slip my shoes on. Jason leads the way out and smiles, helping me into the car. 

He drives back to my house but I make no move of getting out yet. "Rose, I am so sorry," He apologizes, caressing my face. 

"It's okay Jason," I respond softly. 

"I'm going to make it up to you," He whispers. I smile as a single tear drop falls from his eye. I kiss it away and it makes me wonder if underneath that abusive guy, there is a sweet boyfriend. 

We kiss for a moment and then I open the door, getting out. "Have fun with the guys," I tell him, heading to the porch. He nods and drives off right as I reach the door.


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