Broken Pieces

Rose and Harry used to be inseparable. As Rose's older brother, he always looked out for her and they did everything together - not a secret kept from either of them. But when Harry became famous, he practically forgot about Rose. She didn't even receive a text or call from him on her birthday. What happens when the boys take a break from the tour and all stay in the ginormous house that Rose owns and used to share with Harry? What happened to Rose while Harry was gone? Will things go back to the way they were? Or are there too many broken pieces to put the puzzle back together?


12. Afterwards

Rose POV

I pass out the cups of tea and I can tell that Harry is itching to say something. The boys notice too and start talking about how I saved Zayn again. I know I'm close to having to talk about the bruises and still don't have a clue what to say. 

Harry asks about my tea and I just shrug. "It's just tea Harry," I say and put my cup in my lap, nonchalantly pressing down on my wrist to distract myself. 

"I don't think it is," He responds. He bites his lip (a family thing) and debates saying something. "How many times as he hit you Rose?" He blurts out. I knew this was coming. I should have been prepared. But I wasn't. And I flinched. 

All eyes were on me. What was I supposed to say? Definitely not the truth. They would snap. "I don't know what you're talking about," I reply. 

"Rose. No one gets that many bruises at the same time for no reason," He states. "How many times?" He repeats. 

"Harry," I sigh, trying to avoid it but failing.

"How many?" His voice gets louder. I take a moment to make sure my face is still completely straight. 

"A couple. But he doesn't mean to and he's actually really sweet," I respond. Why am I defending Jason?

Harry closes his eyes. "That isn't a couple," Louis says quietly. I shoot him a glare. All of the boys are still staring at me. 

"Where is he?" Harry questions, anger resonating in his voice.

"No Harry," I tell him.

"Rose! Where is he?" He jumps up, anger coming off in waves. 

"He's not here Harry. He won't be back until next week," I speak through gritted teeth.

"Why are you defending him?" Harry yells. Tears threaten to spill over. Liam stands up and puts a hand on Harry's shoulder.

"Come on mate. I have to talk to you," He says.

Harry actually looks at me and looks at my eyes. I am so angry. He notices finally now and thinks he can fix it. Jason threatened my life. Harry doesn't know. He didn't want to know. He doesn't need to know. I'm still alive which means I can handle myself... right?

Harry sees the threatening tears and let's Liam lead him out of the room, Louis trailing behind. "I'm going to get you some more tea," Niall offers.

"No. I got it," I clear my throat, steadying myself. I stand up and walk to the kitchen. I stop right outside of the door, listening to the boys talk. 

"How could I miss this?" Harry was asking. 

"The important thing is to make sure she doesn't get hurt further," Liam says, being reasonable. "She can't handle it Hazza," He adds. 

"Handle what?" He snaps.

"Handle you yelling at her over something that isn't her fault," Louis replies gently. 

"He's going to pay," Harry growls. 

"We're going to help you," Louis speaks up.

"You know I'm against violence Harry, but there's no way we'd get a police report when she denies it just to you. I'll stay with her while you guys go. No fooling around I promise," Liam vows.

"Just stop okay?" I exclaim bursting into the kitchen and pouring more tea. 

They all look at me. Harry is about to say something but Louis kicks him and he stays quiet. I add cream and sugar and then head out of the kitchen again, taking my place next to a now-sitting Zayn. 

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