For the Backstage Competition. This is a short story about a little robot who is part of a big robot organisation to the take over earth, this is what happens behind the invasion.


3. Deployment

I had my test, and the doctor-bots said I was fine, and was just having a little bit of indecision, because I was only recently awakened. That seemed to relax Spanner a bit, and was content that what I was experiencing would blow over before the invasion. I assumed that as well, but it didn't go away. I didn't think of the humans as enemies or things to be hated. But as something new to learn about, understanding them, might change what the other robots think about them. But probably not, they aren't able to comprehend the words friend and human in the same sentence. It's in their programming,

I wonder why I'm different.

'There was this hot lady nurse-bot, she was so checking out my guns.' He said, his hands immediately turned into two rotating blasters.

'I had just got a new upgrade as well, so I was squeaky clean.' Spanner said. She probably wasn't checking him out because the nurse-bots are programmed to fix others, not perv on soldier-bots.

'She had the best-' He stopped mid sentence and stiffened up, he began moving away from me. Toward the end of the hall. Other robots came out of doors and began to move in the same direction, all staring blankly forward, their body as stiff as a board.

I followed them and we eventually came to a large room, where huge ships were loading other robots on to them. I saw spanner and hurried up too him.

'What's going on?' I asked, but he didn't reply, he rolled up onto a nearby ship and stopped, facing out the door. Other robots rolled in and I got caught in the crowd, I was dragged up onto the ship, and when it was full the door closed and the ships engine whirred to life. A gentle hum was all I could here.

Other ships started up and slowly lifted off the ground. I looked outside one of the windows and saw the bay doors open and ships began to hover through the gap. Endless space was the only thing out there. Except for the humans planet, they called Earth.

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