For the Backstage Competition. This is a short story about a little robot who is part of a big robot organisation to the take over earth, this is what happens behind the invasion.


1. Awakening

The room I was in was large and had nothing in it except for me and a screen covering one of the walls. I could see myself in the reflection. I was no more then a foot tall. Already I could calculate that I am 30.48cm, .0003048 kilometres, .3048 meters, 304.8 millimetres, .000189394 miles and 12 inches tall. In other words I was short. My features were plain by the standards of robots, my metal shell was white and one wheel substituted feet, my hands had three fingers and one thumb, my eyes had a blue light behind them signifying my consciousness and a single antenna with a red ball on top sat on my head. My body was a square that combined with my head. "6872" was written on my front. I looked at my reflection for a bit more, but rolled back when the screen blinked into life.

'Welcome subject 6872, how are you feeling?' Asked a robotic female voice, I rolled back a bit so I could see the entire screen, the picture showed my blueprints. I could understand it in a second, I know that my arms could become blasters, my eyes shoot lasers and a grappling hook could shoot out of my chest.

'I...am doing fine.' I replied, talking was something that I wasn't used to yet.

'6872, everything about you has been installed onto a microchip I'm about to give you.' The voice explained.

A panel slid open on the roof and two claws extended down, one holding a small, metal chip. The claw opened a panel on my back and started to fiddle around with the circuitry.

'Now where is that drive, is that it? No that’s the human speech translator. I think that’s it, yes it is. They really should put labels on these things.' The voice said to herself.

'That should do it.' She said finally and closed up the panel.

Images and instructions started flashing across my vision. I know what I have to do, I have to exterminate the human race. There are thousands of other robots, some of the same design some different, that are also participating. Right now, step one of the plan is to infiltrate them, and learn the secrets of their weaponry. So far they have the most primitive of all weapons. Weapons that rely on ammunition.

The screen split in two and was the entrance to a larger room. Where other robots were training and mucking around. I rolled my way out of the door and was looked at like I was some kind of outsider. Another robot my size rolled over.

'Move more smoothly, your all stiff from construction.' He whispered.

'We need to get you all loose, you won't be able to kill the humans if your like that.' He added, I went to reply but he cut me off again.

'You know what, lets get you trained, follow me. My names 3576 but you can call me Spanner.' He cut off and before I could even reply he was dragging me off to some kind of obstacle course.

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