For the Backstage Competition. This is a short story about a little robot who is part of a big robot organisation to the take over earth, this is what happens behind the invasion.


2. A Terrible Failure

The obstacle course didn't look to hard but, naturally, I was wrong.

'Next time try to not fail.' Spanner shouted at me.

'Yeah, great advice.' I yelled back, I tried again at the impossible wall climb, our wheels were made of a special substance that sticks to anything, we can turn it on and off. I'm supposed to roll up the wall, release the stick, jump over the gap and re stick to the wall. In theory it was easy, but in practice it was much harder.

'I think I'll call you Glitch, because every other robot could do this in one go. You must be a glitch in the system.' Spanner shouted down.

'Thank you for making me feel a whole lot better.' I shouted back as I failed at the climb, yet again.

I sat at the bottom of the wall, looking up at the climb, the gap was the first challenge the wall posed, sections disappeared further up and an even bigger gap ended the wall. A small metal beam jutted out of the top of the wall. I sat staring at the beam for a minute when an idea dawned upon me. It was devious and easier then the actual climb.

I shot my grappling hook up to the metal beam, it missed completely, so I had to bring it back in and try again.

'eighty four degrees elevation, 14 miles per hour.' I whispered to myself as I aimed the grappling hook. I shot it and the sticky end, stuck to the beam. I tested the weight and began to pull myself up.

'W-what are you doing?' Spanner called up, he stood in absolute amazement and shock.

'I'm doing it, my own way.' I called back. I passed over the last huge gap and pulled my wheel up and stuck it too the wall. I released the grappling hook and climbed the rest of the way up. Standing at the top of the wall I looked down at the robots who had come to watch. Some were frowning, like they were thinking that I cheated. Others looked up in awe at the new way to get up the wall. The bigger, more skilled robots stood there, no emotion on their faces.

I looked down at them all and waved.

'Some of the other robots aren't happy with you.' Spanner said as I climbed down from the wall.

'Let them, I couldn't care what they think.' I replied as I grabbed a mug of diet oil. I downed it all in one go and looked back at Spanner. He was looking at me with fear.

'Not caring, that something only humans do, we care for each other, we are like a family.' Spanner explained.

'They hate me, isn't that a human emotion?' I asked sarcastically.

'Hate is something we robots were desinged for, not caring is for humans, only a human would think of the easier way out, which is exactly what you did. It might take a while but the other robots will eventually come around to the same sought of thinking.' He explained. He was still looking at me with fear, but there was a glimmer of concern.

'Maybe I wouldn't mind being a human.' I said, all thoughts of concern intensified.

'We need to get you checked out, our purpose is to eliminate them, we're deployed in two days time. If you start having compassionate thoughts, you won't be able to kill the humans.' Spanner whispered.

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