We're Both Going to Get Hurt.

This is a Harry Styles' fan fiction.
Welp, that's all the information you're gonna get. If you want more read this story. Go on, I dare you!! Oh, and one more thing- if you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to leave comments. I'll take as much advice as I can. Please enjoy!!


4. Surprise!!

"ADDISON WAKE UP, WE DON"T GOT ALL DAY!!" Ember shouted, shaking me to wake up.

"What!" I snapped.

"It's your birthday.. You can now big yourself some cigarettes. Congratulations!"

"You're such a dork."

"So are you, this is why we're friends. Remember?"

"yeah, yeah. Why am I up, It's 8 A.M.?"

"Well Doc is letting me break you out of here for a bit so put on your new clothes and let's go get the wig styled in on your head at the salon. Serena already has you scheduled."

"God, I miss her."

"Well come on let's go!" she said running to the bathroom.

"Um Ember, can I take a shower without you in there?"

Ember came running back out with two sets on swim suits in her hands.

"Remember when were younger?"

"Oh my god, Ember. Really?" I giggled.

"Really, this may be our last time."

 I noticed her mood changed.

"Last one in the shower is a rotten egg, even though that'll be you. You're too fast for a normal human being" we both laughed.. I didn't want to mention that I was actually too weak to race.

6 hours of me and Ember talking about how it's been a long run together and remembering all the crazy times we had together while we sat a park just enjoying the weather and frozen yogurt. It was about to time for us to head back the hospital for my surprise not so surprising birthday party. It was probably going to be a lot more crying and celebrating than any fun. Oh, well. I've been distanced since I found out about the cancer. I owe them this one last sob fest.

We got to my hospital room and Ember stopped me before opening the door.

"I'll miss you.." She started crying.

"After the party I have something to tell you." I hugged her like there was no tomorrow. She was my best and only friend. We'll always be together. Rather in our hearts or physically.

I opened the door to a bigger surprise than I expected.. One Direction was singing happy birthday to me, in my room, in the flesh. I was shocked I couldn't even fan girl. Then I remember how horrible I looked and ran right back out that door like it was my job. I slide down the hospital door and try not to pull the hair out of my wig. I was totally fan girling and freaking out about the way I looked even though they probably wouldn't find me attractive how I use to look. Wishful thinking that they would, though right?

"Alright, Addison. It's time to grow some lady balls and introduce you self." I said to myself as I was about to stand up and confront everyone after embarrassing myself majorly right when someone opened the door and I fell backwards.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know you'd-" Strong, but soft hands help me stand up.

"Oh, no you're find." I said looking up to meet Liam Payne."Oh, my goodness. We'll it's nice to meet you and when I said you're fine I meant you're fine for knocking me down, which is totally fine.. I, um didn't mean fine as in 'you're fiinnee' but yea I mean don't take that wrong you're are good looking. Oh my gosh. Sorry I'm just a little shocked and a mess."

"You're fine and I mean as in ' yo fiiinnne girl" Liam said jokely.

"Hey I thought Louis was the funny one" I said jokely back.

"I am!! I'm the swagmasta!!" I heard Louis shouting inside. "Come back and I'll prove it girlfriend."

"He's also the sassy one" Liam said moving to the side so I could come back in.

I looked at everyone in my room.. How in the world they all managed to fit in this room I'll never know. All my cousins that were girls were in awe and all the boys couldn't wait to get away. They were trying act like typically dudes even though you could tell they were totally in shocked they were in the same room with someone so famous that wasn't a baseball player. My dad tried to act happy, but I could tell he didn't like these boys around. I mean they are weird and my dad probably heard rumors are Harry and how he likes girls, a lot.

"Okay, everyone I have an announcement." Ember said interrupting everyone's conversation.

I was a little annoyed. I finally had a chance to ask all the boys if any of their rooms where true because it's always something that has been bothering me to know.

"The other day, Addison said her last wish would be for all the boys to give her a kiss on the cheek and for Niall and Harry to kiss her on the lips."

Oh. My. God. I can't believe her right now. Now, I'm pretty sure I'll die from embarrassment. Sorry guys end of story. Goodbye. I'll go find a rock to hide under.

"Umm." is all my dad could release from his mouth.

"Oh come on. Craig. She's 18" my mother said laughing.

"Hey that's not exactly want I said" I couldn't stop blushing.

"Of course we will, pucker up boys." Louis said.

"I need gum.." Harry said also blushing.

"Guys, Ember is just joking it's okay. Back to the party everyone nothing to see."

"Oh, no. You're not getting out of this that easily." Niall said pressing his lips on mine. "Yup, the rumors are true. I'm single cute stuff."

"Hey, father in the room." My dad interrupted.

"Ha, sorry sir. Just joking." Niall said

All the boys took turns kissing my cheek until it got to Harry.

"I got gum from you Aunt." Harry said leaning over about to kiss me.

I looked over at my aunt who was pretending not to pay attention, but I saw a tiny smirk spread across her face. The next I knew I felt Harry place his fingers on my chin to have me face him again. He lingered looking in my eyes. I couldn't stand the suspense and I couldn't look away from his eyes either. I totally forgot anyone was in the room. It was like he could see right through me. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I planted my lips on his feeling an instant shock throughout my body. I never felt this before from kissing a boy. It was sweet and simple amazing and it was just a peck. I can't fall for someone like him. He doesn't feel the same. It would never work out. Something in me change during this kiss. I felt more a live and I felt like I was 7 again and had no worries. I never wanted to stop until..

"Woah, that must be some good gum." Ember interrupted.

"Oh. Sorry. You know me." Harry said jokely punching Ember shoulder.

"No one seems to care that I'm still here" My dad whined.

The rest of us all laughed.

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