We're Both Going to Get Hurt.

This is a Harry Styles' fan fiction.
Welp, that's all the information you're gonna get. If you want more read this story. Go on, I dare you!! Oh, and one more thing- if you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to leave comments. I'll take as much advice as I can. Please enjoy!!


5. Another Surprise.

I won't to the sun shinning in my face from my window. According to my doctor I had today and tomorrow to live, but I feel healthier already. I asked my family to at least give me till noon before they started crowded in here, crying. I put my head phones in and started to think. After my party I decided not to tell Ember after how my mom reacted. I didn't want her mad at me either and plus I was just too tired. I closed my eyes and started to daydream when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I opened eyes thinking it would be Ember. I am not ready for the water works.

"Ember, I'm not ready for guest yet." I said taking out my head phones and then realizing who my visitor really was.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Harry said, "I'll come back later then."

"Oh, no. You can stay."

"Are sure?"

"Of course."

He sat down in the chair next to my bed and I couldn't help wonder why he was still here, but something more important clicked in my head. I didn't have my wig on!! I probably looked horrible without it. I started searching around my room looking for it. My mom must of put it up safe for me.

"It's okay," Harry said taking my attention back to him." You look beautiful without it."

"Yea, right" I said blushing. "Why are you here?"

"Well, I didn't get on the plane with the boys because I realize I forgot to give you something."

"What's that?" I asked curious.

"My number, so you can text me when ever you need a friend."

"You do realize I'm suppose to pass away tomorrow, right?"

"Well, I believe in miracles and trust me you already look a 100% better  than when we met yesterday."

"Thanks, I feel better."

"So, I got to ask.. Why do you like being a lone with you, know? Your condition."

"I've always liked solitude. Especially when I'm upset. It helps me think. It's hard to think when you have grown adults crying over me like babies."

"Oh, I see how that would make sense" He laughed. I didn't think that was funny I was actually being mean towards my family.

"I like you, you're so brutally honest. It's funny" He continued.

"Thanks I guess"

"Are you scared?"


"Why not?"

"I'll text it to you later." I said giggling while holding up the paper with his number on.

Harry decided that he wanted to stay for these last two days to wait for the miracle we both agreed would happen. We talked and laugh and he told me stories about the crazy things Louis would do because he knew Louis always made me laugh. We both started to get hungry and Harry said he would go get food, but then I remembered My mom put my left over cupcakes on my nightstand and told him I was in the mood for sugar. Right after Harry handed me a cupcake and he got one for his self I smashed my  into his face.

"Oops, how did that happen?" I asked trying to put on my innocent face.

"Hmm. I don't know. I guess the same way this happened." And then he smashed in cupcake in my face. and then we both laughed uncontrollably until Harry did something unexpected.

"Are you still wanting something sugary?"

"What?" I said still laughing like a big dork and then Harry pressed his lips to mine. I was so caught off guard, I didn't know what to do. Harry pulled way after 2 seconds. I heard him say something under his breath. Right as I was going to ask him to repeat what he just said, still shocked. My mom, dad, and Ember barged in. I couldn't tell if they were shocked that Harry Styles was still here or the fact that we both had icing all over our faces still.

"Um.. Our my deceiving me?" Ember asking, breaking the awkward silence.

"Oh, no. I you're eyes are seeing what they're seeing" Harry said getting up and wiping some icing off his face and then on Ember nose. "Hi again Mr. and Mrs. Carlisle. I would shake hands, but uh yea." He said looking at his icing cover hands.

"That's okay honey, and call me Marilyn. I and Mr. Carlisle are no longer married." said my mom.

"Well, I should get going so you guys can have family time." Harry said heading towards the door.

"Oh, no Honey. That's fine you can stay. I'm sure Addison wouldn't mind. You're only one she let's in here before noon" My mom said giggling like some school girls. I just rolled my eyes.

"I don't mind." I said.

"In that case," Ember Interrupted, "Let's gossiped. Harry you first. Let's talk about Haylor."

"Umm I'm going to the food court." My dad said leaving. He hates gossip.

"Can I come too?" Harry asked blushing.

"No, you can not, spill styles. Now."

Hours passed and now my whole family was here camping out on the floor. All the doctor's probably though we were one big crazy family, but they all wanted to make sure they were here to their final goodbyes. It was a lot of crying and eventually I got them all too calm down and me, Harry, Ember worked out butts off to make them all laugh. The sound of laughter is a lot better than crying. That's for sure. We were all going to bed when everyone said goodnight to me and gave me a kiss on the forehead and fell a sleep. I couldn't sleep I was too excited to get out of this hospital. Like I knew I would. I could feel Harry watching me from where he was sitting, but I was too tired to talk so I just pretended to sleep to make it less awkward. I heard Harry get up. He must be going to a hotel and was just waiting for me to fall a sleep.

I felt Harry take my hand in his and kiss my forehead.

"I love you." He whispered. I will never let him know I heard him. But I still hid a smile because I think I felt the same.


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