We're Both Going to Get Hurt.

This is a Harry Styles' fan fiction.
Welp, that's all the information you're gonna get. If you want more read this story. Go on, I dare you!! Oh, and one more thing- if you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to leave comments. I'll take as much advice as I can. Please enjoy!!


1. The Dream

Where was I? I kept blacking in and out trying to catch as much detail as I possible could, trying to figure out where I was by my surroundings. Everything was spinning and moving so fast. I was so dizzy I could barely lift my head. What was going on, I'm so confused. As I looked around, I noticed a women sitting next to me driving. That would explain why everything was moving so fast. She looks like she's in a rush. I looked to the radio to see what time it said, but I was expecting what time it said. It didn't say it was night time or even day time. It said age 25. In shocked I looked away quickly to my side and saw a bright light heading towards me and then... I woke up.

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