She is panicking, not sure on what to do. She wakes up in the past, when she knows she should be four years in the future. She has no idea on how she got there, or worst of all: how she's going to get back. For Riley Morgan, the idea of waking up in the year of 2010 was just a crazy idea. And the fact that it actually happened to her, well, she doesn't know how to act. She knows about things that will happen in the future, things that no one could predict. And what does she do when she all of a sudden becomes friends with someone who will be a celebrity in four years? She doesn't even know.

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3. Two




There had to be a mistake. I had to be dreaming. I was supposed to be living my eighteen year old life in the year of 2014, not 2010. This was crazy! Time travel? It's not like I decided to step into a nonexistent time machine last night. I had literally just gone to sleep right after Cameron and Isaac left. Then again, I was sick and then there was...

There was this really high pitched screech coming from only God knows where. Was that the indication of me moving through time?

Wait no. Was I actually starting to believe all of this nonsense? No, no, no. This was not possible, and this just had to be one big, fat joke!

Then again, for me to not believe this after all of the confirmation I had gotten would be nonsense. Not only did my phone say that it was 2010, but a news anchor and a radio DJ said that as well. Plus, Cameron's flat didn't exist and I couldn't call her. I was at a loss.

It was really weird though. My house was the same, even though I had moved in less than six months ago. I even had electronics here that weren't even invented until after 2010! For example: my iPhone 5s and my third generation iPad! And most of my clothes hadn't been designed yet. But if it wasn't for the fact that I knew that my floor of the complex wasn't being used until 2012, I would be very confused on why I was able to live somewhere where someone else should be living.

I fell back onto my bed once I got back to my flat. I hadn't realized this morning, but at least my electricity was back on in the place, thank God.

I didn't know what I would do if I had to call an electrician. I didn't have any money except for what I had in my purse at the moment: 98 euros.

I wondered if my money would be in my bank account. I've had that money ever since I turned eighteen. But I had no idea on how all of this even worked. For example, my car was outside. So did this whole "year change thing" mean that everything that I owned came with me?

Then again, why was it that when I looked on my phone, I could look up info for stuff that was in the future? But my radio and TV were programmed for this year?

I reached over to the other side of the couch to grab my iPad. After I turned it on, I searched: 2012 Olympics results. I wanted to see if the same results would show up.

They didn't.

The only things that showed up were random results, having to do with the fact that the Olympics were going to be held in London.

But my phone said actual results. Why was I getting different answers to stuff on my phone compared to my iPad?

I groaned out of frustration because I was so confused. It was actually making my head start to hurt.

What would my laptop say?

I made my way to my room, finding it on top of my desk. I opened it, searching on Google the same phrase as earlier. And I actually got future results! But why?

At that moment, I literally started lightly hitting my head on my desk. Just tapping it, don't worry. I wasn't going to get a concussion.

I decided to stop trying to find answers about the Google results. Like I said earlier, I was starting to get a headache from all of this. But I knew for certain that I wasn't going to straight away accept the fact that I might be in the year 2010 right now. I wanted more proof.

How was I going to get that proof? I decided that I could just simply ask people the date. It was an extremely simple idea but it would be very effective at the same time. And the best place to find people would be at the shopping centers.

And after driving to the one that was closest to my home, I set out, looking for someone that would be polite to ask. I knew I would get funny looks from people when I'd ask about the year. Because who on earth wouldn't know the year? Me. That's who.

I first went up to a lady, who looked to be in her fifties. She was about to walk into a clothing shop that looked like it was meant only for women her age. I walked up to her, with her stopping when she realized I was looking right at her, "Excuse me, can I ask you what the date is?" I gave her a smile, trying to look as polite as possible.

"I believe it's May 4th my dear," she responded, being nice to me back.

I nodded my head, "Of 2010?"

She furrowed her eyebrows, but composed herself quickly, "Yes, of course."

My heart sank. So it really was true, "Thank you."

She walked away from me, still slightly confused by my question probably. She probably thought I was crazy. Ha!

But I decided to ask someone else as well, finding that I technically had all of the time in the world at that moment. I decided to check out a sports store that was right next door to the older women's clothing store. This place had tons of trainers, jerseys, and sports bags.

There were only a few shoppers in there. It made sense though, it supposedly being a Tuesday in May - people had work and school. I decided to go up to a man who seemed to be waiting around for someone. But before I started walking, the person who the guy was waiting for went up to him with a shoe box in hand. I seriously almost choked on my spit.

I don't want to sound too fangirly or anything, but it was Liam Payne. And it was good enough confirmation for me that it was seriously 2010 because he still looked sixteen. But if it was May, it meant that he hadn't been through a new X Factor audition quite yet.

I started smiling. Yeah, I was a fan of One Direction, having a Tumblr and even a Twitter account dedicated to them. But I was more of a subdued, secret fan, never talking about them to my friends (except Cameron of course), buying any postersand wearing anything that might say One Direction on it in public. But that didn't make me any less of a fan, some of their fans were actually like that. And, I just liked them for being them: funny, charming, and extremely grounded. So I knew exactly how everything was going to unfold for him in the future.

But that band had global 2014. Right now, they didn't exist.

Hell, I had been to a concert or two with terrible seats. And I had met them in a "Meet and Greet" once. I remember them being exceptionally nice, but I highly doubted that any of them would ever remember me. So, right now, would it be selfish for me to go up to him to ask the date? Only I knew what would be happening to him in the future, he being able to pursue his dreams and such. He wouldn't know that I would be going up to him for more personal reasons right now.

Well, it would be a once in a lifetime experience, I guess.

I cautiously turned around and started over to him and his dad, Geoff. I made sure that they weren't midsentence or anything. Liam was on his phone, looking at something. "Can I ask you guys a question?" I scratched the back of my head while I spoke at first.

Geoff smiled, "Yeah sure."

"Can one of you tell me what the date is?"

Liam's head moved up to look at me. I could see his calm face that still looked boyish compared to what he actually looked like in the future. His hair was straightened, still light brown, and his eyes the same chocolate color from future photos, "My phone says it's May 4th."

I politely nodded, "What about the year?"

He then did a double take at my words, "Say that again?"

"Do you know what the year is?"

Geoff had a face that said "she's crazy." He pursed his lips, "It's 2010..."

I looked at Liam one last time, to relish the moment of actually meeting him, I guess, "Right. Thank you." I turned and left them in the shop walking out I felt completely embarrassed for going up to Liam and his dad to ask the date. The looks I received made me feel really dumb.

I turned left, towards the main doors, ready to head home. But I was stopped but shouting, "Hey!" I heard a voice yell behind me. I swung around to find that the voice belonged to Liam. He jogged up to where I stood. Moving his hand through his hair, "Are you alright?" he asked.

I was sure that I was blushing from the constant embarrassment moments ago, "Yeah, of course." But I kind of wasn't. I was worrying about the year change and everything. Of course, he didn't know that. He couldn't. I knew where he would be three to four years from now: famous, loved by millions, successful.

He turned his head to the side, "You sure? You just asked my dad and I what the year was."

"Yeah, I'm just...having one of those days, you know?" But how could he really understand what was really wrong with me? And I still sounded insane, because who just "has one of those days" and asks people the date? Absolutely no one.

"Do you want to talk about it? We could go get coffee or something," he suggested, gesturing to the nearby coffee shop. He was being so thoughtful and nice, being the person who I always thought he was. And even though he did seem like he was getting his head stuck way too far into my own personal life when he didn't even know me, I was somehow fine with it. I mean, what did I really have to lose? I had no one else to talk to at the moment either.

I had nothing else to do, and I didn't want to be rude and turn him down, "Sure, that sounds great."



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