She is panicking, not sure on what to do. She wakes up in the past, when she knows she should be four years in the future. She has no idea on how she got there, or worst of all: how she's going to get back. For Riley Morgan, the idea of waking up in the year of 2010 was just a crazy idea. And the fact that it actually happened to her, well, she doesn't know how to act. She knows about things that will happen in the future, things that no one could predict. And what does she do when she all of a sudden becomes friends with someone who will be a celebrity in four years? She doesn't even know.

--Copyright © 2014 -> Iridescent Artist


2. One




I wish love was simple. No, more like falling in love was simple. Like, not having to deal with any guys that end up just being dicks. Or, while you are trying to find someone, you are confident and are able to act like who you actually are; none of that made up crap used to impress someone.

I wish I was in love. I want to be able to know that someone loves me, for me. I want to be able to hold someone's hand when I need to. I want to be able to have a movie night with someone and cuddle up to them. I just want someone to rely on.

I have had four boyfriends in the past. Some of them ended on a positive note, others...not so much. I always end up falling for the wrong guys, some that simply aren't meant for me, and ones that don't really care and are just in it to get shagged (not that they ever actually got that). 

I just want a best friend who I can spend the rest of my life with (not that I want to get married right now, I am much too young).

I think I get along with guys pretty well actually. But with many of my guy friends, I could never see myself dating one of them. Ever. It would be too weird.

The one I have known the longest is like my brother. His name is Isaac and we became friends in year five when myself, him, and my best friend Cameron (a girl I met on the first ever day of school. We became friends because we both had boy names) were put together for a small science project. After that, it was always the three of us together: Riley, Cameron, and Isaac. 
And when we all graduated, we all moved to London for university.

Cameron and I didn't end up staying together though, deciding that if we were to live together, it would end up being a disaster. So I now lived in a one bedroom, one bathroom, itty-bitty house by myself, but I would actually call it a flat, because it was in a building with a bunch of other small "houses." I wasn't bothered by the price because it wasn't even very high at all, despite its location and condition. And I had been saving up for it since I was fifteen.

Although, when I first moved in I recruited my guys friends to help me paint and fix up some rooms, because they were actually almost too scary to look at. It took a couple of days, but it was worth it, even though I still have to give everyone something in return.

"If you don't stop moving, you're going to get this dye on your clothes and skin," I said to Cameron. "I really don't think you want to be included in an entirely different ethnic group by the time we're done."

"Just wait, they're about to see who 'Red Coat' is," she responded, basically moving her entire body around to face the TV screen.

"They see Allison," I mumbled.

She spun around, almost getting the brush in my hand to wipe her in the face, "Riley! What the hell!"

"Oh shut up! You've already seen this episode!" 

She said something incoherent quietly, finally putting herself into a position so I could dye her hair properly.

"Now, are you sure that you want to go this dark brown? I mean, we can go back to the shop for something lighter," I suggested.

"No, I want to get rid of the blonde and go as dark as possible," she responded, looking at her strands of hair. "Well not black, but a nice chocolate brown."

"This show is dumb anyway," Isaac complained, grabbing a can of coke from my fridge.

"No it's not!" Cameron and I shouted together.

He raised his hands up and backed away towards one of the couches in the other room, "Okay, okay, I'm sorry! No need for the death glares, children."

Cameron and I became addicted to "Pretty Little Liars" a series after it first came out. We would watch reruns and every time a new episode was on, we would go over to each other's houses and watch it together. We officially named it "A" night. Isaac somehow got wrapped up into watching it as well, having nothing else to do. He claimed that he didn't like it, but I was sure that he started to a couple of episodes in.

"Do you want to dye mine next?" I asked Cameron.

"Why would you want to dye your hair? It's beautiful! If I could pull off red hair, I would have it as soon as possible."

"It's so annoying though! I stick out all of the time!" I retorted.

"Well then it means that you were meant to!"

I groaned in defeat, deciding that it wasn't really worth arguing with her over a hair color. 

I kept working on her hair, putting in more dye layer after layer. But once it had been in long enough to make a difference, she used my shower to wash it out, coming out with a brand new head of hair and a worried look, "It's so dark!" She kept on sponging her hair with the towel, like she was still trying to get more dye out of it.

"Calm down, it's just because it's wet right now. You'll like it when it's dry," Isaac reassured her. 

She nodded her head, walking over to grab a coke out of the fridge to only sit down in the living room, "Is your girlfriend coming over to watch some episodes with us?"

"No, her sister is in town, so she stayed at her flat to spend some time with her," he responded.

We watched the telly for the rest of the night. I wasn't entirely sure what was going on though, I started to feel a little tired and woozy after some time. I decided it was from the dye chemicals, thinking nothing of it.

But then my head started pounding and my stomach began to hurt later on. I got up to get some pain killers, hoping they would help.

"You okay Ri?" Isaac asked, turning his head to see me in the kitchen.

"Not really, but I should be fine after I take some medicine," I responded, after swallowing two pills.

Cameron got up to observe me, "You look really pale."

"Yeah, why don't you go to bed or something?" Isaac suggested.

"But it's not even very late!"

"Trust me, you'll feel better in the morning, I'm sure of it."

They practically put me to bed, making sure I had brushed my teeth and everything first. They were acting like breathing-down-the-neck-parents. I was grateful for how much they were caring but wow were they keeping an eye on me.

"Text us tomorrow to let us know how you're doing," Cam ordered. She usually would've hugged me, but she didn't want to get sick, "And thanks for doing my hair."

I smiled, "No problem, I was happy to do it." After saying goodbye to Isaac, I trudged over to my room. And right when I was about to turn off my lights, all of the power in my house went out.

"Great," I grumbled. I checked my control box, and to no avail, it wouldn't turn back on. I would have to call an electrician the next morning. And to save the batteries of my electronics for the next day (just in case) I turned off my iPad, but left my phone on so I could use it as an alarm, figuring I could just charge it in the car tomorrow.

When I finally got to bed, I tossed and turned in the night, gripping onto my stomach part of the way. At some point in the very early morning, it was really weird, but I woke up to this high pitched screech that went on for almost half a minute! I was sure it was just my ears, but it hurt so bad! 

I slept peacefully after that, not waking up until ten when I heard my alarm. Thank god it was a Saturday, or I would've been rushing around, being late for class.

I felt a lot better, having no pain at all. I picked up my cell phone off of my bedside table to text Cameron.


To: CamCamCam

Feeling alot better!!! You up for going to lunch with me today? Let me know where you want to go 


Just seconds later I got a reply.


From: CamCamCam

ERROR: This number is currently not in service. Please check with your cellular device company. 


I groaned, not being sure on what was wrong. The only way to talk to her would mean going over to her place. I was sure she would be up because she was an early riser. 

So, after a shower and a bowl of Lucky Charms, I set outside, wearing skinny jeans and my winter coat. But the moment I stepped outside, I realized how warm it was for a January day. Deciding that there was no way for me to wear such a heavy coat in this weather, I went back inside to find a lighter jacket.

I hurried down my steps, reaching my car. The moment I turned it on, Cobra Starship's "Good Girls Go Bad" was playing. Surprised by how long it had been since I had heard that song, I turned it up. 

"You are listening to BBC Radio One and right now it is 10:47 in the morning on this lovely Tuesday, on May 4th, 2010."

I slammed on my breaks at the sound of the radio announcer's words. I was happy to see that no one was behind me when I turned my head.

See, maybe I would've believed the guy if he were to just say 2010 instead of 2014. But he said the entire date wrong! I pulled over to the curb and grabbed my smart phone. I checked the date: May 4th, 2010.

I went onto the internet to check: May 4th, 2010.

What would be another way for me to make sure? I went on Google and looked up "2012 Olympic results." 

Everything was there. The fact that the United States won the most overall, England won a total of twenty-nine gold medals, with women's rowing won a gold for the first time ever.

I rolled my eyes to myself for possibly over-reacting because of a date. So I kept driving, getting myself into heavier traffic. While trying to call Cameron, I started to realize all of the older music that was playing on the radio. Okay, it wasn't older, it was more "out-played." I shook my head and away from the thought that I was actually in 2010. 

The phone kept on ringing, never picking up to any answering machine or anything. I held the phone for almost two minutes on one of the calls I made, never getting a human voice in the middle of the rings.

I eventually reached the place where her flat...should've...been...

It was an empty lot, which looked like it just had a building torn down on it. I then remembered Cameron talking about how new her building was. She said it was built in 2011?

Oh God no.

I turned around in a car park, going back to my place. What was going on? I decided I would do everything possible to get the idea of being four years in the past out of my head. 

Getting back to my home, I rushed inside after locking my car. 

Riley, you're acting crazy.

I plopped down on my plush couch that sat in the living room. I just had to breathe. That was it. Something like this wasn't in any way possible in the first place.

But what happened when I turned on my telly? A news anchorman announced the date: May 4th, 2010.

No freaking way.



Hey guys! Sooooo I've had this idea in my head for over a year now and I've been trying to develop it more and more, even changing the beginning sometimes. Anyway, I really hope you guys enjoy it because AHHHHH I'm way too excited!!

-Gabby xx

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